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Select The Evaluation Methods And Empirical Studies Of Third-party Logistics Companies

Posted on:2005-07-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360122481832Subject:Business management
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Circulate along with the production the realm competition turn worse, the business enterprise makes a point of more and more the core ability educates. It is for this reason to produce the logistics of the type business enterprise, choosing from the third part undertakes the ministrant circumstance gradually in the increment, this elucidation there is big development space in a market outside the logistics. But in fulfillment, because many business enterprises is while choosing square logistics in the third business enterprise, have no the appropriate method in adoption as to it's proceed to synthesize the evaluation all-directionally, but produced to operate the risk very and bigly, resulting in not a few might then the loss that avoid. This shows that, for many business enterprises to say, whether to choose square logistics in the third business enterprise or not, and how does reasonable evaluate and choose the third part logistics enterprise became the modern business enterprise manages the theories with a problem within logistics theories that need the solution urgently.This paper stands at the angle that make the business enterprise, should not proceed the logistics a proceeding outside the business the discussion to the business enterprise first, Once make sure to choose pack outside the logistics, so how the square logistics in fit the third business enterprise conduct and actions cooperated the colleague and then became an important problem. The next in order, proceeded the analysis to the square logistics in current the third business enterprise evaluation choice method, This paper joined together the present condition of the square logistics in the third in choice in business enterprise in our country business enterprise put forward to evaluate the process to should consider to settle the sex inside with the method that fixed amount factor combine together, A few evaluations method in foundation top compares, giving a DEA for first according to AHP with factorization method evaluation model. Finally, implicated SPSS statistics the software to analyzes to handle to the data proceeding that income arrive, And make use of the evaluation model that front have to out with the index sign system as to it's proceed the evaluation comparison, Select the most suitable matching the square logistics in the third in this business enterprise business enterprise.This paper synthesized to make use of the logistics, supply chain management, Game theory, strategy learns with synthesize the theories of evaluation etc. Put forward the manufacturing business enterprise logistics mode choice decision model, established the square logistics in the third business enterprise chooses of synthesizing and. evaluating index sign system. And pass to improve to the traditional evaluation method proceeding, synthesize the consideration the advantage of a few methods with the shortage, This literary grace used to put together a few evaluations method knot of the combination evaluates" method, From but establish according to the AHP evaluates the model with the DEA of the factorization method.
Keywords/Search Tags:Manufacture Enterprise, Logistics Model, Third Party Logistics, Evaluating Method
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