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Shanghai Pudong New Area, Land Resources, Regulation And Control Optimization

Posted on:2005-07-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360122993738Subject:Regional Economics
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Land resource has double nature of resource and assets. Reasonable allocation and high efficiency of land use is not only attribute to the exertion of the asset's nature of the land, but also has great influence to the construction of the city, overall distribution of the industrial function and the sustainable development of the city. Therefore, the government has to plan and use the land resource efficiently, strengthen the administration of land use, exert fully the basic and driving function of the land.It is complex to collocate and manage the land resource because it has to apply many means and measures and each of the measures interacts the others. With further reform of our country's land use system, the nature of assets of the land is being outstanding. The main means of land administration have transited from the plan system to the unity of the plan system and the market mechanism. But we haven't set up an integrated mechanism and pattern of the land resource management. This paper takes Pudong New District, Shanghai as the research object, and its aim is to give some advice on how to perfect the land resource management and allocation of Pudong New District through setting up a pattern of land resource management and administration of Pudong New District, Shanghai.Based on the elaboration of the basic academic theories and the summary of the foreign experiences of land resource management, the paper sets up a pattern of land resource management and administration including market mechanism, government administration and public participation according to the analysis of the administration system and the problems of land use of Pudong New District. According to the pattern, market mechanism plays the basic management function, and it can improve the efficiency of land use mainly through the competition mechanism, the price mechanism, the demand and supply mechanism. Government administration is the supplement of the market mechanism through the establishment of land use policies and laws. On the one hand, it can give support to the operation of the market mechanism. On the other hand, it can eliminate the faultiness of the market mechanism and realize society equity and sustainable development. Public participation is the guarantee of social benefit. Reasonable public participation mechanism and smooth channels of pubic opinion feedback can rectify the deficiency of the market mechanism and government administration, and promote the overall benefit.Also this paper gives some detail measures on how to optimize the management and administration of land use, such as consolidate the land use plan, intensify the administration of the first class land market and perfect the land reserve system, strengthen the market mechanism, and set up a system of public opinion feedback.Finally, the paper gives some advice on how to allocate the land resource and provides some innovation measures of the land administration system.
Keywords/Search Tags:land resource, market mechanism, land resource management and administration system, land market, Pudong New District
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