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On The Relationship Between Economic Globalization And The Transformation Of Government Functions

Posted on:2005-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C F ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360125452172Subject:Administrative Management
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The economy globalization both brings opportunities to each country and challenges. Government management system as well as its administration are faced with the greatest challenge. The chief task for the Chinese government, after its entry into WTO, is how to actively respond to the world change, to transform government function and to accelerate reform.As the background of the economy globalization , this dissertation firstly analyses the role of the market in the globalization, resource distribution, market being the principal part, market rules and its externals. Then on the basis of new public administration theory, transformation of the government function is taken as the target of the survey. Requirements of transformation under the globalization and their mutual relationship are specified .The difficulties as well as the thief task in government transformation in the underdeveloped areas, especially that of western part of China are given careful study, together with solutions being proposed.The rules and system of the globalization still take the interest of the developed countries as the key point. The developing countries are not taken into consideration. Therefore, it has different influence upon developed and developing counties. Under the international rules originated form the West, western countries can fully exert their potentials with their weaknesses being protected. In this way, they can receive more profits and sustain less lost. The influence upon the developing countries are two-sided. On the hand, it really brings great profits and potential to them. On the other hand, the developing countries art put in an adverse position, having to accepting the unfair international rules. Under the globalization, government should be promoted their public administration ability, accelerated reform, counted the opening degree to promote the development. A steady development of the micro-economy under the opening policy is quite important. It is also true with the reformation of government management system.Maxis and relevant from the West have applied to analyses the globalization from the economics viewpoint. It is indicated that the motivation of the globalization is seeking of surplus value by capitals; The market resource distribution manners are the international price systems; The main characters in the market are the multinational companies under thenational monopoly; A series of market rules under the globalization have been formed, with WTO as its core; The eternals of the globalization make the government functions more important.The essay explains the notion of government functions, powers, abilities as well as their relations. It is suggested that the globalization requires reformation of the government functions, including add new functions and reinforce the interrelated function. It analyses the ways of government power distribution and its direction. This assay also proposes a personal idea on the third domain. It also proposes a new idea on the promotion of the government abilities.To transform the government functions, the establishing and maintenance of the market rules should be the first concern. To distribute resource effectively economic rules should be emphasized to avoid improper administrative interference. The essay also demonstrates the point of reinforcing the market supervision through establishing and perfecting necessary management system.The essay specifies on the countermeasures of the western part towards the impact and challenge of the globalization. It proposes that there are 3 difficulties in transforming the government functions. Firstly, to adjust the relation between government and enterprises; Secondly, to adjust the relation between government and the society. The counter measures by the government in the western part includes; to renovate concept and reform the government to a supporter and forerunner of the system innovation; to transform the mode of management according to the requirements of the market economy; to fulfill the transformation from...
Keywords/Search Tags:economy globalization, WTO, Government function, New public management, exploration of the west, government reform
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