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Chinese Government Reform Trends In The Context Of Globalization Studies

Posted on:2010-07-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360275482992Subject:Administrative Management
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Since 1980, with the rapid development of economic and continuous improvement of the scientific and technological, the trend of globalization become increasingly apparent, especially in today's economic globalization is becoming the mainstream of world economic development, facilitating the optimization of resources in the world large-scale reconfiguration. At the same time, governments around the world of globalization on governance has also had a significant impact. Looking at the countries in the context of globalization of the Government to reform the practice, the main focus of the Western countries are gradually realize fromthe"government-centric" to start focus on the "society-centric" transformation of public services; and the development of Chinese society for their own the practical needs of its center of gravity is not only to actively absorb the experience of Western governments, but also based on the realities of socialist China, conform to the requirements of the times in order to build long-term future of the Chinese government a reasonable selection paradigm. Even though construction of public service-oriented government the rapid development of theoretical research, the results quite good, but the lack of standardized and systematic, and there are some weak links and research gaps.In view of this, which requires our government to actively seek to explore the road to governance, it is necessary to fully draw on foreign governance practices and experiences, but also consider the basic national conditions of our country at this stage, analysis in the context of globalization of China's Government to reform the status quo eventually find a need to adapt to globalization, the development of the governance of the Road. In this paper, this logic is the main line to start the selection of "the context of globalization trends in the Chinese Government to reform the research" as the topic, from the full text of the content will be divided into two major sections to the layout; in form through Friday arranged chapters. The first section includes papers I, II and III, the main explanation of this topic has been firmly established theoretical basis and precondition for writing the logic. That is, in the first chapter, "Preface" section to point out, first choice to write this article the meaning of motivation and research, and through the form of the Theory of the theoretical and practical topics of value, followed by the writing of this article elaborate characteristics, concluded that its research methods and theoretical resources. Chapter II is a more detailed analysis of the meaning of globalization and the inevitable, and various explanations of globalization on governance brought about by the impact. Chapter III are examples of the United Kingdom, the United States, the Singapore government management experience, and summed up the Chinese Government to reform its inspiration. The entire first section is mainly to resolve the problem background and experience to provide a variety of bedding, the second plate is part of the full text of the entity, that is, solve the problem, put forward some countermeasures. The second plate, including the fourth, five chapters, the fourth chapter in the context of globalization are a specific analysis of the Chinese Government to reform the status quo, and on this basis to build a service-oriented government proposed implementation plan, Chapter V, are at the idea system on specific aspects of building a service-oriented government programs, and pointed out that the Chinese Government to reform the overall trend.
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