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Jiaxing City Molten Iron Transshipment Port Logistics Park Development

Posted on:2004-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Z ShenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360125961226Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Logistics Park, the inevitable outcome for logistics development, appeared in Tokyo, Japan at first in 1965. During these recent ten years, it develops fast in western countries. The study on western logistics has conducted certain theoretical and actual research. In our country, Logistics Parks are on rise and their situation is quite different with each other. So the construction and development of these Logistics Parts should be in accordance with the actual situation of our country.Based on both the forecast of logistics market and container transportation market of Jia Xing City and the analysis of the successes and failures of both domestic and foreign logistics parts development and the current situation of Jia Xing City and its Tie Shui Transit Harbor, this article provides the construction plan for the Logistics Park of Tie Shui Transit Harbor. Meanwhile, this article also shows the improvement plan for Tie Shui Transit Harbor according to the construction of the Logistics Park of Tie Shui Transit Harbor, in the end, this article also analyses the social benefits of this Logistics Park's construction.This article has six chapters. Chapter one analyses the development situation of Logistics parks, which provide lots of experiences for Logistics Park's construction of Jia Xing Tie Shui Transit Harbor. Chapter two mainly analyses not only the overall location, production and distribution condition of Jia Xing City, but also analyses the advantage and disadvantage of infrastructure of Tie Shui Transit Harbor.Chapter three analyses and forecasts the Jia Xing's logistics market by grouping forcast approach, I find the market potential for Jia Xing's future is quite huge and it is quite necessary to build a Logistics Park here. Meanwhile, after analyzing I find containerized logistics takes big share of logistics market in Jia Xing City. I also calculate the foreign trade container volume in future by multi-factor dynamic analysis approach. With both the development of inner river transportation of Tie Shui Transit Harbor and other conditions in Tie Shui Transit Harbor, the construction of Logistics Park in Tie Shui Transit Harbor focusing on the market service for containerized logistics market maintains necessity and feasibility.Based on above stated chapters, chapter four concisely analyses the function positioning of Tie Shui Transit Harbor's Logistics Part. This chapter also provides the strategic plan and actual procedure for this Logistics Park and shows the financing policy and government support for the Park's development. In chapter five, this article further argues the current situation of Tie Shui Transit Harbor andhow to make improvement and adjustment phase by phase in order to successfully finish the construction and development for this Logistics Park finally.In the last chapter, this article conducts the analysis of the social benefits for the Logistics Park's construction of Tie Shui Transit Harbor in both micro and macro ways. Also, this article calculates grossly the social and logistics cost saved in the Logistics Park of Tie Shui Transit Harbor and also the promotion of relevant industries.This whole article provides the construction plan, improvement plan and social benefit analysis for Tie Shui Transit Harbor on considering the analysis and research of Logistics Parks and the actual situation of Jia Xing City and its Tie Shui Transit Harbor. The objective is to give effective suggestions for Jia Xing City about the construction of Logistics Park of Tie Shui Transit Harbor and development of logistics industry on the one hand, and to provide practical analysis for the theoretical study and research for our country's Logistics Park's development on the other hand.
Keywords/Search Tags:logistics park, logistics market forecast, social benefit analysis
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