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Allocation Of Human Resources, The Effectiveness Of Leadership Behavior And Leadership Behavior Mode Selection

Posted on:2004-11-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152457108Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Along with continuous development of the social economy and the science & technology, human resource, as a key resource of any organization, is becoming more and more important during the organization running. And leadership behavior is the pivotal factor in allocating manpower and financial resources and material resources, which also hold the key position in human resource allocation. Study on the problem of leadership behavior pattern among the allocation of human resource has certain theoretical meaning and realistic meaning. On the one hand, such study can rich the theoretical fruit in the related research field of our country, on the other hand, it can offer reference for every type organization to allocate the human resource.This paper first expatiates on the basic theory of human resource and the human resource allocation theory. Sum up the theoretic viewpoint of human resource allocation theory and analyze the way of how to allocate human resource in every kind of organization. Secondly, with a development viewpoint, this paper analyses the evolvement of the leading concept and studies the role of leadershipbehavior in the allocation course of human resource. Stress on the validity problem of the leadership behavior among the human resource allocation. And analyses the influencing factor and pattern of the leadership behavior validity during allocating human resource. Thirdly, this paper studies how to evaluate the ability of talent. Analyze the meaning of the ability of talent and the new demands for the ability in the new intellectual economic times. And work out the index system and model on estimating the quality of talent. Finally, this paper studies how to make the leadership behavior pattern option during the allocation of human resource. Make clear the principle and meaning of the leadership behavior pattern option in the allocation of human resource. And discusses the general step of making leadership behavior pattern option during the allocation of human resource.
Keywords/Search Tags:allocation of human resource, leadership behavior, talent quality opinion
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