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New Product Development In Cross-functional Team Performance Influencing Factors

Posted on:2005-09-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152457275Subject:Business management
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New product development (NPD) is the locus of the innovative potential of organizations. Every organization, regardless of size, profit motive, or industry experience regular pressures to renew, expand, or modify its products or service offerings. New product development is typically executed in a project-management like approach, and the organizational nucleus is the new product team. Managing performance in NPD thus implies managing the creativity of NPD teams. Nowadays, although empirical research shows that most firms have implemented cross-functional team for the majority for the new product development projects undertaken, they are still finding it hard to ensure that these teams are successful in completing the new product development task. At first we must know about factors mentioned frequently as leading to project success and then can manage them successfully.In looking at how to achieve successful teams, many factors have been suggested in the literature by a number of different researchers. The author suggests a model of these factors that divides them into three categories, which includes team structural factors, organizational context and leaderships. At the same time, hypothesis for this research is put forward after further consideration of the relationships among these factors.With above analysis, a demonstration has been made in order to find out the main effecting-factors. Of these factors, appropriate team goals, team leadership, outcome interdependence, exposure to customer input are proven to most often as being associated with team behavior, which including cooperation, commitment to the team and project, communicate and share and respect and trust among team members, have been posited to contribute to improve team performance. Similarly, the results highlight that the factor is not independent on each other.Finally, based on above conclusion, the method to improve team behavior and project success is proposed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cross-Functional Team, New Product Development Performance, Team Behavior, Influential Factor
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