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Based On Transaction Cost Theory Of It Outsourcing Risk Analysis And Control

Posted on:2006-05-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q F TianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152482355Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Along with the improvement of the informationization degree, information technology (IT) outsourcing as a type of resource strategy is being strengthened day by day in the enterprise's information construction and E-government construction, it helps to lower costs, improve the key competitiveness. With the market of outsourcing being increased rapidly, IT outsourcing is becoming more and more risky. So a lot of scholar is paying close attention to the risk of IT outsourcing and how to analyze, control these risk factors. But the existing research on IT outsourcing risk are mostly scattered, lacking systematicness and theory support, and has not been tested either, so, it has realistic meaning with importance to open out generally the risk of IT outsourcing and control these risks.To the definition of question, this thesis analyzed the risks of IT outsourcing from the visual angle of resource strategy based on the comparatively overall analysis to the IT outsourcing from theoretical foundation such as resource basic theory, resources dependence theory, key ability theory, transaction cost theory and agent theory, and we epurated the IT outsourcing risk analysis frame model based on the transaction cost theory. Risk factors of the IT outsourcing are divided risk factors related to trade such as asset specificity, little of supplier, uncertainty, relatedness, problems of measurement and risk factors related to both parties, and propose the assumption to the range of risk and the key degree. And then designed the questionnaire and launched the questionnaire investigation to 415 samples which are accord with the condition, they are a part of 605 samples chosen form the MBA students of grade 2001-2004 in Northwesten Polytechnical University. Then we proved the frame model and assumption utilizing the data obtained from investigate and adopting risk matrix. The result shows: The risks proposed in the frame model really exist in IT outsourcing, everyone's key degree is different, and the most crucial one is the question of measurement. This thesis has reached the expectancy of the analysis and control to the risk of IT outsourcing, it has certain reference value to controlling and reducing the risk of information technology in reality.
Keywords/Search Tags:IT Outsourcing, Risk Analysis, Risk Control, Risk Matrix
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