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R & D Team A Key Role In Selection

Posted on:2006-07-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z G FengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152975836Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Research on the choice of roles of R&D team has always become an important program in Project Management.The Key Roles among team play so crucial part in R&D that the absence of any one would lead to its failure. It is difficult to find suitable Key Roles for the R&D teams in Project-Driven Manufacturing Company with the use of Empiricism and Qualitative Analysis due to their size and scale.Studies on the choice of Key Roles for the R&D teams are presented in this paper. Guided by the Model of Team Roles, it comes up with a method based on Team Roles of Belbin to solve problem with combinations of Empirical Study and Theoretical Study, of Qualitative Analysis and Quantitative Analysis.To begin with, a literature review is given on the R&D characteristics of object companies, and on the current development of the research regarding the choice of team roles. It discovers that those methods aren't suitable to object companies.Secondly, Team Roles of Belbin is chosen to be theoretical basis with combinations of Theoretical Study and Empirical Study including a case study .A research is taken in representative companies through Questionairs and Field Interview, it discloses the Key Roles of object companies are Coordinator, Shaper, Innovator, Monitor-Evaluator, Specialist, and it also shows the coincidence of the Capacities Demand of those roles in companies with the description of those in Belbin Model. The differences of Key Roles and Capacities Demand, compared with other companies, are analyzed in this paper.Then, some mathematic models are established to describe quantitatively some capacities of the Key Roles in this paper. Considering the Relative and Fuzzy characteristic in roles choice, Fuzzy Optimization Theory is introduced to evaluate other capacities of the candidates, adding scientific ingredient to the process of roles choice.At last, a case is given to test the feasibility of the method produced in this paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:Project Driven, Advanced Manufacturing Company, R&D Team, Key Roles, Team Roles Model, Fuzzy Optimization Theory
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