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Inventory Based On The Agile Supply Chain - Transport Integration Of Research And Its Simulation Realization

Posted on:2006-07-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360155465244Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Because of the forming of customer's market and competition being stronger and stronger,the change of customer's demand has happened completely, and come into being a personal demand style step by step; With the wide use of Internet,the distance of between enterprise and customers which can let enterprise know the customer's demands clearly, but at the same time which bring more pressure and challenge to enterprises; and With the gradual implement of information system,the competition between enterprises becomes more drastic。 All what we talked give more requests about enterprise's manufacture and competition's capability., For response the customer's demands quickly and effectively , reduce the cost of supply chain orperation and shorten the lead time of one order, the enterprise must create heterogeneous resources。 Apparently, the resources can be gained from supply chain,and emphasize the collaboration capability of the business process。To begin with,the paper introduces the theories and the researches ab(?)lesupply chain, inventory and transportation, following with it ,the paper also investigates the basic system and enabling technologies of agile supply chain, simultaneously it gives out the goals of the integration of inventory and transporting in the agile supply chain= To achieve these goals,the paper provides the tactics corresponding to them,, Especially, the paper talk about the information integration and information share, supply chain business process integration and the time effective capabilities on the information flow and material flow。In succession, the paper realizes one pattern about the integration and share of information and business process integration under the integration of inventory and transporting。 Finally, the paper talk about how to apply the agent simulation into supply chain modeling, and combine it with the theory, and then gives out on multi-agent simulative system, and through analysing the result from model, the model can verify the views which the paper insists reversely。...
Keywords/Search Tags:Agile Supply Chain(ASC), Agent-based simulation, Business Process Integration(BPI), Inventory and transportation Integration optimization
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