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Building Service-oriented Government In China Studies

Posted on:2007-11-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y QinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360185471387Subject:Administrative Management
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Along with our country's market economic establishment and construction, the people gradually realize: the genuine power of society development takes root in the broad masses. A country has to whole-heartedly depend upon the social strength and social vigor if it wants to realize the modernization. And the government should mainly display the service function, make a good environment, provide the society order, take the macro-adjustment, improve the citizen welfare. Constructing Service-Government, which is an important practice of all levels' goverments practise "The three represents" and the implementation of the 4th session of the Party's 16th meeting and the 5th session spirits, the realization of the Scientific Development Idea.The author thought the Service-Government is under the guidance of citizen's and social standard idea, under the frame of whole social democratic order, through due course of law, sets up according to citizen will, serving for the people and undertaking to the service responsibility, About our country's Service-Government reform, the individual advance, only pays attention to government own reconstruction. The work direction of Service-Government should place the organization reform, the function adjustment. The personnel reform, but the Society Organization in non-government is important equally. Only the government and the society, the government and citizen, the government and market, develop in an interaction, the government can enhance and realize the fundamental transformation, the Service-Government can be realized truly.This article includes three parts. The first part, we have explained the Service-Government's meaning and characteristics, and put forward that the Service-Government is our Country's only choice. The second part, we have made a concrete analysis of some questions and their reasons existing in the management mode of Chinese government at present, and the aim of our Service-Government. The third part, several questions our Service-Government must solve in its construction, and several relationship, which our Service-Government's construction must clarify. The fourth part, which measures and roads we can take about constructing our Service-Government.
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