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The Government Performance Evaluation Supporting

Posted on:2006-08-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155975608Subject:Administrative Management
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Nowadays, government performance evaluation (GPE) is sweeping the world. Any national government has to conduct research on the problem related to the GPE if it want to effective assess its management performance, in the process of GPE, the supporting institution for evaluation plays an important role on the effect of GPE. The study on the GPE cannot is late from the supporting system of it. In the paper, the supporting system for GPE is called as institutional support of performance evaluation.Based on the review of western government performance evaluation, the paper analyzes comprehensively the institutional support for GPE by employing the public administration, politics, management, especially the concepts and paradigm of institution economics. According to the research result, it discusses activities of The Chinese governmental performance evaluation.Firstly, it explains the institutional implication, structure and functions by using concepts from economics. The institution is the game rule in society, is a serial of restriction handling inter-personal relationship; it consists of informal, formal and the implementation mechanism. The institution can lower the transaction cost, create the requirements for the cooperation in advance, provides the action information, motivation for the individual choice and restricts the subjective opportunism to decrease the external effect.Next, based on the analysis of GPE concept, it investigates the practice of GPE in western countries, especially in U.S.A and U.K. the GPE refers to the performance, achievement, and influence in the process of governments or public departments carrying out their public obligation. Western country's GPE activities are guided by the transition of public administration theory and are funded on the reform of government's management system. The theory transition is mainly reflected on the challenge of new theories representing by Neo-public administration, democratic administration, and neo-public management against the Wilson-Weber model. System reform is manifested by the governmental reform directed by the new-public management theory in the western counties. In the practice of both American and British government reform, they have positively pushed forward GPE and then builtup a series of systems.Governmental Performance Evaluation supporting system could be summarized as follows: informal system for of performance evaluation-including management idea for instance, customer-oriented, priority of result, participant management, and competition; formal system which includes complete legal system, healthy evaluation organization, measurable evaluation content, scientific evaluation index; the implementation mechanism consists of management system, better evaluation index system, effective motivation system and timely performance auditing.Finally, based on the analysis above, the paper discusses the Chinese government performance evaluation. Chinese GPE should be associated with managerial characteristics of Chinese government; on the basis of government reform, build up a better GPE supporting system; combining with launched evaluation practice, gradually accumulate the experience to promote forward the government performance evaluation.
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