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Study Of The Internal Resistance Of The Local Government Administrative Reform

Posted on:2009-05-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360245461260Subject:Administrative Management
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The reform of administrative system in China has been launched from the center to the local and from the superior to the junior. Being the subject and the object of the reform at the same time, the local government will obstruct during the process of reform because of the lost of own interest and the conflict of the ideas, and so on, which will slow down or even resist the process of the administrative reform. So the research of the interior resistance and how to eliminate it has become a very important and quite thorny problem in our reform, which has values both in theory and practice.Aiming at the above-mentioned questions and basing upon the concrete practice of our country's administrative reform and related research achievements, the paper analyzes deeply the exist, origin, traits and forms of the interior resistance of local government in the reform from the point of the local government's double roles, which is in order to make up the vacancy of present related researches. The paper analyzes the interest origins of the resistance further both from theory and practice which are respectively the"Public Choice Theory"and institutional economics'"Cost-Profit Theory"in academic analysis, and typical example"the reform of examine and approve system in ShenZhen experienced the resistance from powerful department"in practical analysis. Lastly, the paper put forward its own opinions of how to eliminate the resistance exploringly,which also include learning the related experiences of foreign countries. The countermeasures don't only include the measures of eliminating the resistance but also include inspiring the motivation of reform during the local government. The paper claims that the two kinds of countermeasures should be took and advance at the same time in order to eliminate the resistance effectively, which can make the way of deepening the reform smoother and smoother and achieve our goal eventually.
Keywords/Search Tags:reform of administrative system, local government, double roles, interior resistance
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