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Explore The Transformation Of Public Service Delivery Mechanism Of Differentiation

Posted on:2009-12-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360272459606Subject:Administrative Management
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With the deepen understanding of public service,building service-oriented government,enhancing the service ability is one of the governments' objectives. Whether the government could provide effective and qualified public service is an valuable Indicator to measure the capability of government's administration.At present,our governments regard the public service equalization as basic objective which are fit for the current economic development,the Government's fiscal capacity,the service ability of public sector.Meanwhile,some local governments began to explore the public services model which is suitable for people's different needs.In some extent,this exploration indicated the trend of public service in the future.From the prospective of public services demand,customized and various products have become the mainstream commodity in market economy.Customers have huge various choice in consumption market.Meanwhile,the public awareness of democracy and individual consciousness have been strengthen,the public are no longer stratified with the standard public service,the governments are required to both meet the basic needs of life and diversified demands of the public.This public service should accepted and welcomed by different groups,different individuals, different regions,the same individual at different stages of development.Providing people with the personalized,convenient,and efficient public services.With the expansion of public finance capacity and experience accumulation in public service,the government not only meet the basic demands of public services, but also actively explore the system innovation in the supplying of public services This articles sum up the system innovation of local government in education, science and technology,sports,culture,health,basic public facilities,and social security.Therefore,this paper analyze the funding sources,content innovation,the challenge posing on the staff in public sector and the function of the third sector when providing the public service which are adapted to the public's different demands. Combined with the corresponding foreign experience and provide the government with some theoretical studies and policy recommendations.
Keywords/Search Tags:differential demand to public services, supply trends of public services, system innovation of supply
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