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Government Documents Under The Perspective Of Service-oriented Government, Institution Building And Development Studies

Posted on:2011-08-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360308481243Subject:Archival science
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Government document system is to make the standard and procedure which is followed in the document work by all the government staff, be fixed in the form of law clause,as the criterion and behavior basis in the routine work, and is the aggregate about the total system of the government document and ducument work . Government document system is a political system which is suitable for Chinese national condition and has Chinese characteristic extremely, and plays a very important role in the political process, which is unreplaceable.The construction of the service-oriented government is a hot issue in recent years'research, and transforming to the service-oriented government is the aim and basic direction of the administrative system reform in our country. As an important tool for the government management, the evolution of the government document system is closely related with the function change of the government and the construction of the service-oriented government.This article focuses on the development practice of the government document system's construction and the new situation of the service-oriented government's construction, and discusses how to construct and develop the government document system in the background of the service-oriented government, so as to make the government document system gives full play in all aspects, and it is of great practical significance and academic value for the deepening of the government document system's research, the improvement of the system, the betterment of the method, the widening of the research field as well as the construction of the course.This article is divided into five parts to be discussed:Part I: Introduction, mainly tells about the topic origin, the research significance, the development trend of the domestic and foreign, the innovations;Part II: the first chapter of the article, defines some related concepts of the government document system and the service-oriented government, then discusses the relationship of them; Part III: the second chapter of the article, reviews the development process of"Procedures for Handling Official Documents in the Administrative Departments of the Government", then analyzes the achievements of the government document system's construction and the problems appear under the service-oriented government;Part IV: the third chapter of the article, makes some thinking on how to construct and develop the government document system in view of the service-oriented government, mainly from the following four aspects: to perfect the government information disclosure system, to implement the humanity of the government document system, to strengthen the institutionalized management of the government electronic document, to advance the standardization and legalization of the government document;Part V: Conclusion, summarizes the full text, generalizes the viewpoints of the text.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service-Oriented Government, Government Document System, Construction
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