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The Study For Construction Of Service-oriented Government And Ascension Path

Posted on:2015-08-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330467470732Subject:Political Theory
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Service oriented government theory is an important theoretical form which wasproposed by the Chinese but from the theoretical foundation of the western countries,andservice-oriented government is an advanced kind of modern government,is the main target ofthe reform of our government.The people’s demand for the improvement of governmentadministrative mode is improved with the social transformation and economic transformationin China,therefore the discussion of the service-oriented government is extremelyimportant.From the present research,we can see that the mainly analysis and referenceof western countries on the service-oriented government theory lack of the research of themeasures or the path for the construction of service-oriented government,and it is verylimited on the research for the construction of a service-oriented government results.Theconstruction of service-oriented government is a comprehensive system engineering, it needto learn from the advanced experience of the western countries,and combine with the actualand need for development of our society,to avoid the blindness and unrealistic of constructingthe basic service-oriented government,in order to guarantee the basic service-governmentconstruction smoothly.This topic organizes and summarizes the theory of basicservice-oriented government construction,and analyzes the present situation of China’sservice-oriented government construction.Besides,this topic put forward the operational waysaccording to the existing problems in our basic service-oriented government construction inour country.The paper mainly has3parts.The first part discusses the historical origin and theoretical basis of the basic servicegovernment, and respectively from the abroad and in such aspects as the development of ourcountry, puts forward the necessity of the construction of a service-oriented government inour country.In the history,the type of government management experienced threestages: rule type, control type and service type,each stage has its unique certain rationality atthat time,but the type of service-oriented government is the most advanced, most accordwith human development process form of government. In the aspect of theoretical basis, mainly from the typical government publicity theory, new public management theory, newpublic service theory and governance theory.The four aspects discusses the rich theoreticalbasis of service-oriented government.And analyzes the integration of the four theory in thetheory of service-oriented government.In the second part,it mainly analyzes the present situation of the construction of aservice-oriented government in China, firstly affirms the achievements of the construction ofservice government.The content of government services at the grassroots level in our countryis deepening,the service mode is gradually enhanced,and the main service provider is nolonger limited to government,it is becoming multiplex,and the government regulationis weakening, the service is gradually enhanced.Although the construction of aservice-oriented government in the process has achieved excellent results, but there are stillmany insufficient.The grass-roots government performance evaluation system is still not instandard, and the main superior performance evaluation is the Party and governmentdepartments, lack of a scientific evaluation index and a complete theoreticalsystem.Besides,The transformation of local government functions is not in place; thegrass-roots government’s public service capacity is limited;the grass-rootsgovernment information construction is relatively low.The third part, according to China’s current basic practical problems and difficulties inthe construction of service government, puts forward the corresponding countermeasures.The first is to build a reasonable grass-roots government performance evaluation system,mainly includes the diversification of evaluation theoretical system, scientific evaluationindex and enrichment three aspects; Followed by further transform government functions atthe grass-roots level, to continue to push forward the reform of the administrativeexamination and approval system.To promote the separation of government andenterprises,the separation of government and public institution,separation of government andsocial, enhance the government’s public service level, and to promote the equalization ofpublic services; The last is to enhance the government’s public service ability, enhancegrass-roots government’s financial ability, enhance the government public service ability,strengthen the construction of the basic unit government information,and improve the level ofinformation service. The grass-roots government occupies very important position in China’s localgovernment,it’s at the bottom end of policy implementation,and so it is able to receivethe feedback information from society first,and understand the new requirements of socialpublic,in order to provide public goods or service which are needed of the public.Theconstruction of service type government is the demand of the new era,China’s governmentreform, and the only way which must be passed to the service government construction.Onlyaware of the disadvantages,and suit the remedy to the case,can we ensure the construction ofservice government in an orderly way.Although the specific problems of some grass-rootsgovernment involves in this paper,the analysis done in this paper is not the case, there is nodetail on one or several basic service government construction survey,just make a generalanalysis.Although it can break the limitations in the single case,it’s better for learning thegeneral problem, the aspects of detailed concrete can also be further improved.
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