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A Study On The Employment Of Students In Higher Vocational Colleges In

Posted on:2014-10-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330425459512Subject:Public Management
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In recent years, along with the expansion of college enrollment and implementation of the policy. The graduates who have the trend growth to argument, coupled with previous unemployed graduates, the pressure of employment is getting heavier and heavier. Especially in the situation which the economic crisis has not been eliminated and the social contradiction in the circumstances, the employment problem of college graduates becomes increasingly serious. Higher vocational college students can not resist with the graduate students, and undergraduates in employment competition; in skills, the craftsmen of migrant workers and secondary vocational school students have the dual impact on vocational college students. Therefore, How to keep rising trend of student employment rate in higher vocational colleges which has become one important problem for the colleges, the society and government. The work of employment guidance become to the key to solve the above problem.Judging from the statistics of students’employment rate of four higher vocational colleges in CangZhou area, With the improvement of the school career guidance work, government policy and support strength, the employment rate of graduates have been improved obviously in recent years.Taking a wide view on the development of higher vocational education, especially on the employment rate of students in CangZhou area in recent years, there are still many problems which can not be ignored. Such as on the school, the extent of paying attention on the employment guidance and occupation education; curriculum design of employment guidance. There are certain defects on the feedback of employment guidance situation. And there are also some shortcomings on the government policy and support. The employment policy lacks macro-control guidance.There are also some shortcomings on the enforcement of government employment policy, the understanding of the employer needs, the strength of promoting by employment policy on " the talent market ",the connection between local industrial upgrading with employment policy.The paper focus on the theme of improving the employment rate of local students in Higher Vocational Colleges, and researching on the employment problem of higher vocational colleges students from these three aspects of emergence, occurrence, the outcome. It combined actual condition to undertake the feasibility exploration which from the school and government policy two respects proceed with. The author try to find out the way to make up the flaw and inadequate, and explore various solutions to higher vocational college students’ employment guidance level. Thus we could obtain suitable solution for the local colleges and the reform direction which suited to the local employment policy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Area of CangZhou, Higher vocational colleges, Employment guidance, Employment policy
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