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A Study On The Problems And Countermeasures Of Campus Safety In American Primary And Secondary Schools

Posted on:2015-11-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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School safety as a hot education issue has been valued by many countries,because it is related to learning and growth of students, but the campus is no longer apeaceful garden. At the inside of the school, a variety of school violence appearsconstantly and at the outside of school, there are many dangerous factors threating thesafety of school, so how to guarantee the school safety has been a important issue inthe social life.As we all know, due to the special culture and legal background, Americanschools are often threatened by different factors, so America is the earliest one of thedeveloped countries to study how to guarantee the school safety. Understanding andanalysing the polices and measures of school safety that America used, it can help usto understand what the meaning is of the school safety and we also can learnsomething useful.Through referring to the relevant information from inland and abroad,this paperhas defined the concept of school safety clearly, and limited the objective: the areas isat school or nearly school; the victim is student and faculty of the school. Throughsummarizing the information, we can get the mainly tapes of threating school safety:school violence, bullying, food safety, traffic safety, internet violence and naturaldisasters and so on.There are four reasons make the American primary and middle school’s safety benot so optimistic: the first, personal reasons. The students who in middle school are inadolescence, so they are influenced easily by peers. They also have rebelliouscharacter, volatile mood so that they easily make school violence. The second isfamily reasons. American family’s divorce rate has been high on the world, andproduced a lot of single parent families. Children who is in not complete families willnot get the perfect education and easily suffer the more risk than the children whocome from the normal families. The third one is school reason. American schoolsadvocate free human nature, free development of campus culture, but it just like thefront and back of a coin, students will not obey the rules very well, so it’s easily tohappen a various of school violence. The fouth is social reason. American society is popular with culture of violence, the racial discrimination still exists, and the situationof the guns’s overflow still can’t be controlled, which threat to the school safety.From the above, we can get the conclusion that if we want to ensure the schoolsafety, we need to rely on different aspects. So does America. This nation has gottenthe significant effects from the social working together: the government haspromulgated the detailed legal and measures; Social agencies has assisted the schoolin setting up the powerful security system; The community take part in the activitiesof school safety; The school has arranged the course of school safety based on thepractical situation and so on. In a word, through the specific plans, the condition ofthe school safety has been improved obviously.
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