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Research On Collective Bargaining Of Professional Sports In China

Posted on:2015-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the western professional sports development, between the collective bargaining rights and interests of both sides of labor and capital allocation of professional athletes and the vigorous development of professional sports has played a positive role. In contrast, professional sports labor relations in China, on the one hand, professional sports athletes rights infringement, such as the default or withhold, stolen athletes such as salary and bonus abuse the right of remuneration is common. On the other hand labor interests distribution imbalance, basketball, for example, CBA club liabilities operations for years, players can get high income. Leads to the two aspects of one of the reasons is that the lack of collective bargaining mechanism of professional sports in China.This paper mainly using the literature material method, case analysis and comparative analysis, for the construction of professional sports in China analyzes the relevant legal issues of the collective bargaining, discussed and analyzed the professional sports in the west developed countries practice and developing trend of collective bargaining. In sorting out the condition of professional sports development in our country, based on the analysis to establish a collective bargaining of professional sports in China, combined with the practice of professional sports in western developed countries, put forward to build and perfect our professional sports collective bargaining. The author thinks that from the following several aspects to build and improve the professional sports in our country collective bargaining:1, The operation of the collective negotiations need to perfect the laws and regulations to ensure the implementation, to develop professional sports league against market monopoly exemption legislation, as well as the sports law, labor law, labor law and other legal departments, modify and perfect, the real athletes will to unity, the right to dispute (strike) and negotiating rights prescribed by law to give.2, Set up professional sports league, government departments should change roles gradually withdraw from the professional sports management market, truly become supervisors and mediators of professional sports, achieve self-financing professional sports clubs, the road of independent development, at the same time set up trade union organizations maintain the rights and interests of athletes.3, The government in the process of development and reform of professional sports in China, who promotes the construction and plays an indispensable role. Therefore, the government departments should actively promote collective bargaining in the field of professional sports, and both sides of labor and capital in the collective bargaining may produce controversy for effective supervision and prevention, promote good implementation of the collective bargaining.4, Professional sports is bound to produce collective disputes in the process of collective bargaining, so to formulate the initiator of collective bargaining and safeguard mechanism, but also focus on perfecting the collective bargaining labor dispute processing system.
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