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Research On The Establishment Of China Eastern Airlines University Based On Strategic Coordination Mechanism

Posted on:2014-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W ZhongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207330434473031Subject:Senior management of industrial and commercial management
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At present, China Eastern Airlines’development is facing a very important transition period. Strategy transformation puts forward new challenges for the human resource development and training system, which are expected to provide the ability of ensuring to make out the strategy, providing talents and intelligence, and the ability of delivering culture. At the same time, the development of Corporate University has entered a high growth period in china. There are more and more studies about Corporate University, which are mostly focus on the development strategy of Corporate University and the extension of the development of Corporate University. But there are two very important parts they didn’t mention. The first is how to connect the Corporate University to the corporate strategy. The other is how to make the different departments have a good cooperation. Therefore, this paper puts forward the innovation research on strategy Collaborative Mechanism on China Eastern Airlines University.The paper comb strategic human capital management, knowledge management, learning organization theory of Corporate University. And then this paper analyzes the development motivation, nature, and function and operation mechanism. After compared with global Corporate University, this article puts forward the idea of Strategic positioning and organization construction of China Eastern Airlines University. And get the key success factors by doing a lot of data analysis of the best Chinese Corporate University, find out the strategy connection Mechanism and organization Collaborative Mechanism are most important ones.In the definition of the strategic synergy mechanism of China Eastern Airlines University, this article define three level respectively from the strategy connection and organization collaboration, also define the relationship between the strategy connection and organization collaboration, which means the organization collaboration is the guarantee of strategy connection, and the cooperation of China Eastern Airlines University and human resource department is the key factor of organization collaboration. This article established a theoretical model based on the relationship between the strategy connection and organization collaboration. At last, this article proposes some key measures to insure the strategic synergy mechanism. And give some Suggestions about the future work based on the present strategy in China Eastern Airlines University.Through the establishment of the theoretical model of strategic synergy mechanism, this process can not only gives cleer direction for China Eastern Airlines University,but also hope that this research can provide practical reference for the other Corporate University.
Keywords/Search Tags:China Eastern Airlines University, strategic synergy mechanism, CorporateUniversity, strategy connection, organization collaboration
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