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Analysis On The Influencing Factors And Characteristics Of The Boundary Of University Informatization Collaboration Organization

Posted on:2017-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330503974375Subject:Education Technology
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From aspects of promoting education reform and development and improving national quality and national innovation capacity, informationization in colleges and universities exerts crucial functions. As the principal part of informationization construction, making a clear division and border, constructing synergetic and innovative organization, determining factors of synergetic organization border of informationization in colleges and universities are very necessary from a perspective of organization border management theory. The idea of synergy has revealed the principal and process of the co-evolution of organization system from disorder to order, possessing important theoretical and applicable value for overall functions of informationization organization. So far studies applying organization border theory to informationization synergy in colleges and universities are insufficient and synergy research of educational informationization is still in the preliminary sta ge. To achieve the goal requirements of efficient informationization construction, it’s necessary to analyze external synergy of colleges and universities and enterprises, colleges and universities and governments, guide from strategy by government, and consider aspects of top design and actual situation by colleges and universities. Also, enterprises can provide with relative support of technology and product, make their division and border, and construct synergetic and innovative organization,and construct system dynamics model of synergy system of informaionization in colleges and universities.The first chapter and the second chapter on the basis of theoretical research and literature analysis, combing the university informatization cooperative organization boundary research, core concepts and theoretical basis, research questions, determine the research ideas and methods.The third chapter analyzes the influencing factors of university informatization external coordination organization boundary for universities and enterprises, universities and government. Influence of university information coordination within the organization for strategic boundary factors factors, interest factors, organizational factors, business process factors, leading factors, group factors. Confirm the information coordination organization boundary has the stability, growth, permeability characteristics.The fourth chapter analyzes the mechanism of university information coordination, determine the order parameter synergy in Colleges and universities in the new information, so as to construct a system dynamics model of university information collaboration.The realization mechanism of University Information Collaborative Analysis of the fifth chapter, analyzes the cooperation coordination mechanism and the internal coordination mechanism of information organization, University Information Collaborative case analysis.The sixth chapter summarizes the conclusion of the study and the existing problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:university informatization collaboration organization, organizational boundary, System Dynamics Models
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