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Research On The Symbiosis Mechanism Of University Strategic Alliances

Posted on:2018-10-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Building the first-class universities strategic alliance is the inner needs of the reform and development of higher education,and it is still stay at exploration stage in China with construction of mechanism has not yet perfect.Improving the symbiosis mechanism is the core of the sustainable development of the university strategic alliance.Both on the target and organization form,the university strategic alliances are symbiotic.For this reason,the paper fully explore of the university strategic alliance from the symbiosis perspective at first,and then build strategic alliance symbiosis mechanism analysis framework from the communication mechanism and sharing mechanism,coordination mechanism and access mechanism dimension.Based on the above,it integrate the use of case method and comparative method,and choose China 9 and Russell group as the research object,in the thorough analysis of characteristics and causes of the two symbiotic mechanism,this paper puts forward both the similarities and differences on the symbiotic mechanism,and the optimization strategy of our country's university strategic alliance symbiosis mechanism,combining with the reality of our country.This research argues that the prominent characteristics of symbiosis mechanism for China 9 are: the purpose of communication mechanism is the development of overall alliance which is limited to the active communication effect among colleges;sharing mechanism is priority to the construction of talent cultivation project,but the depth and breadth of sharing mechanism are not enough;coordination mechanism should be strengthen and so on.The formation of these characteristics has intimate relationship with the difference of universities' position as symbiotic unit,coordination mechanism and sharing mechanism failed to synergy,the constraints of higher education system,colleges are not dependent.The characteristics of Russell Group are: communication and coordination mechanism is coupling to create the continuous symbiosis of alliance;sharing mechanism is perfect and open,arouse the enthusiasm and initiative of the shared members;the symbiotic environment and access mechanism have interaction effect to ensure that the symbiotic target match to colleges.And the reasons for the formation of these characteristics is: the symbiotic unit has same value thought;the way that political union facilitate improvement of the symbiosis mechanism;some degree of autonomy of colleges provides the possibility of symbiosis mechanism.This research argue that build the symbiosis mechanism of university strategic alliance in China should be the following several aspects: establishing a flexible access mechanism to enhance the symbiosis consciousness of members;establishing incentive mechanism to security sharing mechanism of effective operation;coupling communication and coordination mechanism to promoting symbiotic evolution;optimizing the symbiotic environment to its positive effect on the construction of symbiosis mechanism in university strategic alliance.
Keywords/Search Tags:university strategic alliance, symbiosis mechanism, China 9, Russell Group
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