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Design Of E-learning Course Content For New Employees

Posted on:2016-12-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Y WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207330461984679Subject:The modern education technology
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Nowadays technology is never-ending changes and improvement, especially by Internet technology, mobile learning as the representative of the rapid development of information technology. E-learning is a new way to learning which is also becoming the main trend of the enterprise training in the new stage. These still exist many problems worthy of study, one typical problem of which is the unsatisfactory of new employee training effect caused by uneven training contents and lack of resources. It’s largely because of e-learning course designer paying too much attention to the technical aspects and presentation forms of the courses and ignoring the content design. However, at present, the research of training courses’ content design has important practical significance in enterprise training.This research chooses designing of e-learning training courses for new employees as the research topic, and focusing on the content designing for e-learning courses based on cell-phone. So what kind of content is suitable for e-learning? How to organize the knowledge of e-learning courses reasonably? In what form of media to present the knowledge to learner? How to design relevant learning activities to achieve effective integration of on-line learning and off-line learning? How to implement the assessment of learners and gather learning feedback on the courses for further optimization? These are important issues that this research will study and discuss deeply.While some related theories such as adult learning, mobile learning, case studies and so forth will be explained in this article, the specific applications of them in the study will be explored. Through a lot of literatures, the author summarizes the status of today’s enterprise training and e-learning development. And also construct a suitable basic model of training courses content designing, which is referencing the relevant models from home and abroad and combining the characteristics of this case study. Then specifically address every step of the designing process from need analysis, learning object analysis, learning objectives analysis, content selection, content organization, content presentation and learning activities designing these seven areas. And do an effect assessment of training courses’ content designing by interviews and questionnaires. Final, the paper summarizes this work and point out the inadequate and further research.Through this study, the author tried to find a new way and new method for designing the contents of e-learning training courses, and hope to provide some reference values for further design and implementation of other business training courses, enhancing the final effectiveness of enterprise training.
Keywords/Search Tags:new employee, e-learning, training course, content design
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