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A Study On The "Three Combinations" Talents Training Model Of Accounting Major In Secondary Vocational Schools

Posted on:2016-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330479452016Subject:Education management
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Vocational education is linked with economic construction mostly close. Nowadays, with the rapid development of Chinese economic, it is obvious that we are in short of cultivating talents, who have both ability and integrity. Since vocational education is committed to provide a large number of basic talents, it becomes vital. It was emphasized in the report of the18 th Congress of Chinese Communist Party(CCP) that the demand of accelerating improvement of the market economic system and the transformation of economic development mode. Since it has been announced that the importance of accelerating the speed of reforming the fiscal and taxation system, improving the public finance system and the level of the economy, while promoting development of industrialization and urbanization, agricultural modernization, as well as improving the education level of the talents, so it can be well accepted that the discipline construction of accounting in vocational school is to adapt to the current situation, as well as serving the development of economy.Since1990s, compared to rapid development of higher education, the development of vocational education has been lagged behind, and problems emerged. For example, enrollment dropped; the quality of students is declining; few graduates are accepted by society since the students’ practical ability is weak. With the rapid development during the historical period of secondary vocational education, accounting profession in vocational school has to propose new teaching and training target for talents, as well as constructing the scientific personnel training mode based on it.Accounting professional talents training mode is the main question discussed in my paper. Suggestions are given by relevant investigation in enterprise and schools. Furthermore, abilities of students in relevant competition, textual research, employment and other aspects of existence are deeply considered in the paper to give the mode of “three combined factors” to establish the necessity and methods of training mode, which could make students in accounting profession of vocational schools to adapt to the requirement demanded by competition, certificate text and employment, achieving the target of culturing graduates with a solid professional knowledge and practical ability of operation in the accounting specialty of vocational school. Also, the level of accounting skills in competition and the rate of getting professional certificate could be raised; comprehensive ability could be strengthen to meet the requirements for positions which students are looking for.The key point we can find which could make the thesis fantastic and pretty fresh is that the training model for talents of accounting specialty in vocational school has been made by considering of competition, research and employment, which the thesis is based on. To meet the requirement for accounting specialty in vocational schools, researches on such training model construction for combination of competition, certificate text and employment have been carried out.
Keywords/Search Tags:Vocational School, Accounting Specialty, Talent training Mode, “three combined factors”
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