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High School Career Exploration Development Status And Intervention Studies

Posted on:2012-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330335476817Subject:Mental health education
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Examine the characteristics of the high school students to career exploration. Including high school students, the overall level of career exploration in professional explore cognition, emotion, behavior and so on three dimensions of development level.Based on high school students vocational explore development status and structure characteristics, design and implement of career exploration level for high school students, the intervention technology career counseling provide specific operating plan.The experiment was based on the development status.The development status survey was a research of 988 students in 5 high schools, to know the status of the high school students' career exploration,using the revised the Career Exploration scale(CES) questionnaire to explore the characteristics of different grades of high school students.In the intervention study, in addition to CES also choose Career Decision-making Self-efficacy Scale questionnaire as assistant evaluation tool.60 middle students signed by themselves,30 in experimental group and 30 in control group.The experiment design of before and after training and tests were used before and after the counseling, while the control group was in nature scene. Experiment Progress:The research includes the preparation of experiment, the experiment, and the evaluation.(1)It is in mid-level of high school career explorationin general average scores, for 188.78,increasing total grade to drop.The different sexes high school career exploration overall level is not significantly;Different from the overall level of high school career exploration, nonlocal matriculate significant difference is significantly higher than the local matriculate; Different subjects (arts) high school career exploring the overall level of arts living significant difference, significantly higher than science.(2)High school students vocational exploratory behavior level and emotional level difference was not significant.It is decline that explore the cognitive level with grade difference,and it is also points in the system dimensions purpose to explore, exploration of the self, with information satisfaction and external exploration with significant difference.(3)Members of the group after group training in CES questionnaire and Career Decision-making Self-efficacy questionnaire on the dimensions of the test scores before significant difference, the intervention was effective on improving Students' career exploration,the guidance is effective and can be used in high school.
Keywords/Search Tags:high school students, career exploration, group counseling
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