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Intervention Research On Career Planning Group Counseling To Improve Hight School Students' Learning Motivation

Posted on:2020-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Super divides career planning into five periods.According to the theory,Senior middle school period is the most important one.According to Deci E.L.'s Self-Determination Theory,people are active organisms,and have the potential of innate psychological development.Therefore,the author chose some senior middle school students to make students know themselves,university,occupation and career needs by using career group counseling,and which gets students to predict their future career and social development.Then,In order to transform career ideals to learning motivation,students should make their own choices on courses.The purpose of this study was to survey the learning motivation of Senior middle school students and to design career group counseling scheme to promote learning motivation.This study has two parts,study1 and study 2.Study 1,bases on the questionnaire survey on Honghe in a senior middle school students' learning motivation and the status quo on the 232 students from 4 classes,among them 231 papers are available.The study is also about Learning motivation situation and its influence factors;It analysis the relationship between learning motivation and demographic variable.Study 2: According to the result of the study1,the author used the way of ?one to one? to choose 12 pairs who are from the ones whose learning motivation level below the average.The author divided the student into two groups to do the next educational experiment,Using SPSS22.0 to analyze the difference of the learning motivation.Before experiment,make sure the sample is no difference in learning motivation,and then,do the experiment.According to Career Planning Theory,Self-Determination Theory,Group Dynamics,the author adopted the way of evaluation,the establishment of a group of 24 people,and the group is divided into experimental group and control group.Experimental group did experiment for a period of more than three months of career group counseling.During the period,the author did 8 times group counseling,90 minutes/each time,but reference group didn't do it.After the end of the experiment,the author used MAAT test again.SPSS22.0 will be applied to deal with the results in order to examine the differences on learning motivation before and after the experiment.Using the methods of scale assessment,process evaluation,quantitative and qualitative analysis.Research shows:(1)The result of the survey shows that senior middle school students' learning motivation is in medium level.(2)Learning motivation is different between boys and girls: girls have stronger motivation than boys on skills;boys have stronger motivation than girls on sports.(3)Parents' career has great influence on students' learning motivation.(4)Career planning group counseling can improve students' learning motivation on sports,life and success.The effect is significant on sports;The effect is extremely significant on life;and The effect is also very significant on success.Therefore career planning group counseling can improve students' learning motivation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Career planning, learning motivation, motivation, group counseling, senior high school student
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