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A Study On The Current Situation And Influencing Factors Of Tujia And Miao Children In Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture

Posted on:2017-04-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330491950589Subject:Physical Education
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Background: with the development of the national physique monitoring, monitoring work in national minority areas become one of the key, especially the outlying underdeveloped areas of children’s physique monitoring work become a top priority, xiangxi autonomous prefecture in 2014 positive response national policy, for half a year’s physique monitoring work, around 3-69- year- old citizens of the People’s Republic of China to carry out the research work, and this paper this paper USES literature material law, questionnaire survey method, mathematical statistics, comparative analysis method, interview method, research methods, such as the physical test method, the current situation of xiangxi autonomous prefecture of hunan province in 2014 infants physique study, at the same time to explore factors that influence the Suggestions for preschool physical relations with 2014 bulletin of the national constitutional children(3-6 years old) physical data contrast, discusses its change rule, master Suggestions for 3-6 years old children physical changes in the status and development trend, explore the Suggestions for 3-6 years old children of scientific and effective enhanced physique level of content and method, and further enrich the xiangxi autonomous prefecture of hunan province 3-6 years old children constitution research database, in order to improve the xiangxi autonomous prefecture of hunan province of constitution in children(3-6 years old) to provide theory basis.Research conclusions: xiangxi autonomous prefecture of hunan province in 2015 3-6 years old children’s body function on the 4 s gender differences; Physical quality in line with the children’s growth rule, the physical qualities are improved steadily as the growth of the age, in a number of indicators appear even gold development period, but the gender differences in development, mainly in male children in leg strength and explosive force, jumping ability, upper limb, waist abdomen strength, body coordination than their female children’s grades; Even men in their flexibility performance is not poor girl, T test and P > 0.05, shows no obvious difference.Suggestions for 7 city, a county in 3-6 years old children compared with the national physique monitoring bulletin data features: body shape in height and weight below average phenomenon occurring in all ages, of which 4 male preschool age height difference, the biggest in terms of weight relative to height data is better, the overall difference. Body function better quiet heart rate in the national average level, of which 6 years old female baby age group is most obvious. Physical quality, in addition to as devices for bending no obvious difference with the national average, the rest of the indicators are significantly lower than the national indicators, difference belongs to the index of standing long jump performance of maximum value.Suggestions for tujia, miao children(3-6 years old) part of the monitoring results also appear different degree of difference, but due to geographical, cultural and other factors, lead to the overall trend is as the growth of the age body quality, shape, function and growth. Especially in tujia and miao nationality, men and women between 5-6 years old children are in the golden age of growth and development. Monitoring results appear some differences in tujia miao were lower than male children height; Tujia female children quiet heart rate is generally higher than that of the miao female infants, a reverse layup physical quality in 10 meters, standing long jump results show tujia male children than miao is strong; Zuo Wei Ti proneness tujia female children’s performance is superior to the miao nationality.
Keywords/Search Tags:Xiangxi autonomous prefecture, infant, present condition of physique, influence factor
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