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The Investigation And Analysis Of Status Quo On Vocational Adaptation Of New Special Post P.E.Teachers In Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture

Posted on:2021-05-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In 2005,the General Office of the State Education Commission issued two documents: "Notice of the Ministry of Education on Strengthening the Prevention of Physical Activities" and "The National Education Supervision Mission to Supervise and Inspect the Work of School Safety,Physical Education,and Sanitation".The issue of physical education safety has attracted much attention,and it started with the safe environment of physical education in schools to make it proceed smoothly.The focus is on students,and the difficulties are in schools.Xiangxi Prefecture is located in the northwest of Hunan Province.It is also the only area in Hunan Province that has been included in the Western Development.The investigation and exploration of prevention and countermeasures suitable for the security risk of physical education in rural primary schools in Xiangxi Prefecture have very important theoretical and practical significance for reducing the security risk of physical education in rural primary schools in Xiangxi Prefecture.This article focuses on three aspects: the current status of physical education safety in rural primary schools in Xiangxi Prefecture,the risk factors and preventive measures that affect the security of physical education in rural primary schools in Xiangxi Prefecture.Research results:(1)The frequency of student injuries is too high,boys are more than girls,the vulnerable parts of students are ankles,followed by skin abrasions,boys and girls are running at a higher injury rate,and ball sports are the main injury items for students.Injuries are the most serious,and injuries during physical education teaching are more likely to occur during teaching competitions and exercises.(2)Student factors: Students in rural primary schools in Xiangxi Prefecture lack good knowledge of classroom discipline and sports safety.Most students can inform their teachers or schools that their illness is true.Students do not have complete skills in sports and students lack knowledge about sports safety.In the process of not conscientiously waiting for the phenomenon,not following the teacher's arrangement,the students' safety awareness is lacking.(3)Teacher factors: lack of full-time physical education teachers,physical education teachers lack of teaching experience and technology,physical education teachers lack of responsibility for teaching safety,some teachers rarely check sports equipment,fail to pay attention to students' mental outlook at all times,and teachers have more opportunities for safety training The lack of safety awareness of physical education teachers,the weak awareness of safety,and the lack of awareness of safety precautions have led to the poor overall quality of physical education teachers.(4)Teaching environment factors: Insufficient sports ground and equipment,most primary school PE teachers think that their school ground equipment is not good,students are completely dissatisfied with the school ground equipment,mostplaygrounds are cement and cinder;school ground equipment The maintenance is not in place,the equipment maintenance interval is too long,and there are hidden safety risks.(5)Teaching management: Physical education in rural primary schools in Xiangxi Prefecture has not received the attention it deserves.The school 's focus is still on cultural classes,and the phenomenon of light weight is obvious;students are extremely dissatisfied with the attitude of school medical examination staff.Few medical examinations are organized and the examination period is too long;it is gratifying that elementary school students have purchased accident insurance and the implementation of national policies is in place;students lack safety knowledge and strengthen safety education knowledge training.(6)Through analysis of the current situation of physical education safety in rural primary schools in Xiangxi Prefecture,the countermeasures to prevent safety risks in physical education in rural primary schools in Xiangxi Prefecture are put forward.Preventive countermeasures: train full-time physical education teachers,improve physical education teachers' teaching experience and technology,and increase the sense of responsibility for teaching safety;adopt flexible and reasonable teaching methods to cultivate interest and improve students' safety alertness;fully understand the physical and mental health of students,and always pay attention to students' mental appearance And physical fitness;strengthening students 'mental health education;guiding students to master sports injury treatment methods;students' reasonable choice of sports;scientifically conducting sports;shaping good sports classroom discipline;conducting safety education for students and improving safety awareness;increasing students 'sports safety Knowledge and improve sports skills;perfect venue facilities and equipment;rational allocation of venues for teaching activities;timely maintenance of venue equipment;strengthen the importance of physical education;improve school medical health system;strengthen student safety awareness and self-management,enrich student safety knowledge.
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