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Research On The Mode Of Fund Management In University Education Foundation

Posted on:2016-12-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Universities Foundation through donations from the community to supplement school funding, support for education, has been accepted by the community. NKD Universities Education Foundation was established in accordance with legal procedures, personnel training for the establishment of universities, scholarships, research grants, research activities, and cultural construction. Universities Foundation to accept donations while society has the responsibility and obligation to use, manage funds, within the legal framework, the use of financial theory and tools for value-added operation, to achieve the Fund and increase the value. Currently, income Colleges Foundation can be divided into two parts: the donation income and investment income. Due to the work system, our colleges and universities based mainly in government funding, universities do not ask for income investments at risk, are not enthusiastic.NKD Education Foundation is a property-based colleges and universities, the organization operating the property, which is property management and use of the Foundation’s high demands. Regulations the following provisions to monitor the recruitment and use of funds: a major fund-raising, investment activities, to be approved by the Council through a special program; supervisors Foundation set up to oversee the financial operations and other activities; the Foundation shall be the governing and decision-making Foundation and supervisors stakeholders; supervisors and not a full-time job as director of the Foundation shall receive remuneration from the Foundation; remuneration of directors at the Foundation shall not exceed one-third of the total number of directors; Public Foundation annual expenditure must meet considerable The proportion; inability to engage in charity foundation must be canceled; the remaining property after cancellation must remain the foundation for public purposes.Universities Foundation has a close relationship with the school. In recent years, the Higher Education has been highly concerned about the community, very few universities have some problems in terms of operating funds. Held a "strengthening university management, and further commercial bribery," Vice Minister of Education Wu Qidi meeting the requirements of the Ministry of Education in 2007: Universities may not be legal as an institution of direct investment to do business, not to the state financial allocations, infrastructure funds, the budget of the tuition and other companies as funding, the university-owned internal organs, are not allowed to carry out any form of direct foreign business activities and investment activities, colleges and universities may not engage in other risky stock investments and bond investments.NKD Universities Education Foundation is a separate legal entity registered in a class, from the point of view of civil law, the legal body is parallel with the school, the foundation is the basis of the legal status of the Foundation Fund’s operations. While it is important for the members of the Foundation Board, and other school staff, but its identity has a dual nature, Foundation Director confirmation and audit are approved by the civil affairs departments to go through. the Foundation will promote public property for a specific purpose, to avoid the Foundation are used for commercial purposes, to avoid the loss of property of the Foundation, waste, to avoid becoming dependent mechanism Foundation, Foundation as a means to avoid related party transactions.In addition, public scrutiny is also an important aspect. Foundation regulations require financial situation to be open and transparent, to the public notice. Foundation is an open and transparent organization, its project settings, operations must be ready to accept the supervision of society. Financial operations but also the appropriate procedures to ensure that. dynamic management of the Fund. Through the program to ensure scientific decision-making, responsibility.
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