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On The Investment Strategy Of University Education Foundation

Posted on:2016-11-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330470466541Subject:Higher Education
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With economic and social development, social donations, as an important source of higher education funds, is playing a increasing important role and becoming one of the key tasks in university development. For a more scientific and standardized management of social donations, many universities education foundation are being established. At present, higher education foundations are still exploring ways to make investment activities and facing problems like profession deficiency of staff, small scale of investment, singular investment way, low return for investment, etc. In addition, America’s higher education foundations have shown us that, the success of higher education foundations investment operation can not only promote the development of higher education foundation, but also support teaching, scientific research, developing and many other things financially. Therefore, how to improve the return on investment by effective operation is one of the demanding problems in Chinese higher education foundation.By searching on the network and perusing journals, we have collected information on investment in higher education foundation, and get a deep understanding of higher education foundation investment. We have gathered and analyzed financial information of many higher education foundations that have publicize the information, and expound the current situation and problems in the higher education foundations’investment. Further, we analyze the problems in the fund investment operation by talking with higher education foundation staff of several universities. To be specific, in the present stage, investment operation of China’s higher education foundation is of small scale, in a singular way and with low return under an imperfect management system. Reasons are as follows: our country higher education foundations are newly developed, investment experience is inadequate, internal operation mechanism is imperfect, professional talents are not well cultivated, and the government is not supporting strongly.The American higher education foundations are in professional level, such as in fund-raising, spending and investment. Among them, their investment yields is double-digit annually, and has become an important part of national market economy. In this paper, we take a perspective of implicit comparison. We collect investment and operation data of American colleges and universities by reading related literature, summarizes their experience, such as fund-raising experience, investment management and investment method experience, etc. On this basis, combining with the actual situation of China’s higher education foundation, we put forward some suggestions of perfecting our higher education foundation’s investment strategy.We can improve the higher education foundation fund-management mechanism in a lot of ways such as perfecting institutional construction, attaching great importance to the alumni donation, enriching donation forms. We should enlarge the scale of foundation and provide more money for investment. We should establish special investment management committee, improve the investment decision-making mechanism, and establish an independent financial system so as to improve the investment management mechanism and scientificity of the fund investment. Through improving the evaluation and supervision mechanism, we can enhance the credibility of foundation. We can establish a risk committee to strengthen the management of foundation investment risk. We can strengthen the cultivation and management of the higher education foundation administrator and other staff, and improve their profession, by training, conference attending, etc. Through the integration of assets, centralized management and entrusted management, cooperation and communication, we can enhance the cooperation road of university education foundations and promote the foundations actively carrying out investment activities. Through diversified financial investment, industrial investment and financial investment methods, or combined ways, we can set up diversified investment mode, disperse investment risk and increase the investment yields. By pursing the government’s support in the policy, taxation, investment management legal system, we can create a good environment for higher education foundation investment.
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