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A Study On The Cultivation Of Autonomous Chinese Reading Ability Of Middle School Students

Posted on:2017-04-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Reading is one of the most effective methods to acquire knowledge and an important cognitive activity as well, and it could develop students’ intelligence. So,how to conduct the reading teaching of the middle-grade elementary students, making them read willingly, happily and skillfully. The phase of Grade Three and Grade Four is a high-speed development period, in which the amount of recognized characters,reading speed, and comprehensive ability of these students get a much more rapid development. But for the teaching practice, the autonomy and the initiative study of students in reading is far from enough.In reference to academic theory of "autonomous learning", this paper probes deeply into the connotation of "independent reading ability", and explores the main reasons for the weak ability in independent reading of the middle-grade elementary students, combining with the characteristics of these students. Then, the paper puts forward the training strategies of their independent reading ability with the guidance and operability in Chinese subject.The paper was discussed from the following several aspects: Part One is the introduction, including proposal of the independent reading ability of elementary students, the significance, methodology of the thesis and domestic and international literature reviews; Part Two is theoretical foundation and concrete characteristics of the independent reading ability of elementary students. Part Three is the survey on the current situation and analysis of the independent reading ability of the primary students, their parents, and teachers, and summary of the problems and factors. Part Four is the countermeasures and suggestion to cultivate the independent reading ability of middle-grade elementary students. Part Five is the conclusion and reflection of the paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:primary Chinese, the independent reading ability, analysis on the current situation, analysis of reasons, countermeasures and suggestion
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