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A Survey On Chinese Reading Literacy Of Primary School Students

Posted on:2019-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S T JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330566468866Subject:Primary school education
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Along with the advance and implementation of the new curriculum reform,Chinese discipline has ushered in the core literacy era.The basis of academic study is an important part of core literacy,which is of great significance to the improvement of students' language proficiency and lifelong development.In view of this background,the author will study the current situation of primary school Chinese reading literacy as the topic of this study.The object of the study of Chinese Reading Literacy of primary school students is the students of grade four and above in Z school.On the basis of the in-depth study of the theory of reading literacy,a questionnaire is compiled with reference to the existing literature and the contents and requirements of the new curriculum standard,and the original questionnaire is written in the questionnaire.Through the test of the degree and validity,we get the questionnaire of the current situation of primary school students' Chinese reading literacy,and then use the questionnaire to carry out the measurement.The results are as follows: first,students in the school meet the standards of reading knowledge accumulation and meet the needs of students' development.Second,the school students have certain reading foundation,but students have poor sense of communication and sharing,and less thinking and communication.At the same time,the data also show that the higher the grade is,the higher the reading literacy level is.Third,students' interest in reading is low,and interest in reading and reading habits still need to be cultivated.Fourth,there are differences in literacy level between male and female students.In view of the above problems,on the basis of careful consideration and analysis,the following suggestions are put forward:First,to improve students' reading interest,pay attention to students' emotional experience and cultivate good reading habits:(one)stimulate class vitality and improve students' reading interest;(two)learn reading strategies,grasp various reading methods;(three)study teaching objectives,make the teaching of three dimensions common development;(four)the combination of teachers and students.Efforts should be made to cultivate good reading habits together with(five)rational use of multimedia technology to enhance students' reading and observing ability and appreciation.Secondly,pay attention to the differences between male and female students in Chinese Reading Literacy:(one)to meet the different reading needs of male and female students,supplement different types of reading text after class;(two)play the role of parents in the family,parents and children to read together;(three)respecting the difference between men and women and teaching.Thirdly,we should pay more attention to the cultivation of reading literacy of the students:(one)to create a family reading environment,and parents for example;(two)parents should improve their attention to the students' extracurricular reading and strengthen communication;(three)parents should take appropriate reading education methods and respect their children's readings.Finally,the society should create a good reading environment:(one)strengthen the network supervision,create a good reading atmosphere;(two)increase the input of reading facilities and create more reading opportunities.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chinese Reading Literacy, Analysis of causes, Countermeasures and suggestion
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