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Study On The Inner Quality Assurance System Of Morden Distance Education In Radio And TV University

Posted on:2009-07-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G H YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360272987245Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Modern distant and open education of our country begins at 1990s, Radio and TV university is the pioneer of our distant education. With the development of distant education, the problems of education quality are emerged, so construct the system of quality guarantee is significant. On one hand, distant education can broaden education scope and has many advantages, on the other hand, with China entered into WTO, our distant education facing with the challenge of education internationalization.This paper is under the guidance of modern distant education theory and management science idea, basing on the thought of discover and resolve the problem, according to evaluation theory of CIPP and CSE, using the method of document research,systematic analysis research and investigation ect., lucubrating the guarantee quality system of modern distant education. The author mainly discussed how to construct quality guarantee system in the aspects of inner quality guarantee system. First, the author told the background of choosing subject, studying content and idea, basic concept , the history of modern distant education field in both here and abroad and developing status in quo; second, the author analyzed the mainly factors that affecting inner quality of distant education, the existing problems of quality guarantee and how to resolve these problems, also told the construct principle of evaluation system; based on such analyzing , the author extracted four dominant factors of affecting quality in the system of distant education which the learners are on the center, these factors are teachers, courses, learners and teaching evaluation ect.; third, the author preliminary designed a set of quality guarantee system that fit basically on our modern distant education status in quo, the author also brought forward the preliminary propose that can ensure and promote the modern distant education quality of broadcast university.
Keywords/Search Tags:Education system of the Radio and TV university, Modern distant education, Inner quality guarantee system
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