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Study Of The New Campus Construction Financing Channels And Risk Warning

Posted on:2008-11-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L X JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207360245984036Subject:Project management
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With the enlarging of higher education, college scale achieves spanning development, the new school area is all set about building or preparing building in many colleges. The project of building new school area processes huge fund requirement, long building circle and long investment recovery period and so on, at present under the limited circumstances of nation financial resources, high starting point and high standard builds the modernized new school area being an arduous assignment in the college, and needing to solve a series of difficult problems, financing is among them.Basing on such background, this dissertation first analyzed college main financing ways and existing problems at present, then analyzed financing risk early warning brought by building new school area. The main works are the followings:Firstly, through listing financing condition of four abroad nations of United States, Britain, Korea and India, Government's investment is the main financing channel of university, however, tuition and private donation are also important financing channels, thus reached some apocalypses to our college financing, that is multi-access of higher education funds which giving priority to financial education funds and enlarging unfinancial education funds at the same time.Secondly, college main financing ways and existing problems at present was analyzed from the financial appropriate funds, tuition fee, bank loan, school-run industry and education funds five aspects, carried on risk analysis in accordance with each financing way as well as peculiar risk of new school area construction.And then, college financing risk early warning system was established including financing risk information mechanism, analysis mechanism and disposing mechanism. Financing risk analysis mechanism includes qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis adopts Delphi Method of experts' questionnaire to get the appraisal score of qualitative index, quantitative analysis selected several financing risk indexes to analyze and predict financial risk, use for reference of "Bank loan amount and risk appraisal control models of higher education" and revised this model. At the same time analyzed the problems should pay attention to in perfecting college financing risk early warning course. It offered certain reference value for school financing.Finally, put forward the measures of financing risk from government, college and bank three aspects. Government department should take measures at macroscopic policy, school should strength risk consciousness, bank should manage the loan link rigorously to reduce risk.
Keywords/Search Tags:new school area, financing, risk, early warning
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