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Survey And The Causes Of The Five-year Vocational Students Weariness And Countermeasures

Posted on:2011-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the Chinese economic development and the improvement of people's life since the beginning of the reform and open, the need for education has been increasing. As a new education system, 5-year vocational education is approved in the society with its unique advantage, maintaining a good momentum of development. In one hand, the need for the graduates and talents of high skills is increasing in the society; in the other hand, due to the causes of the society, schools, families and students themselves, the number of students not having interest in study is quite large.Being wearing of studying is not a new problem, but to this new system----5-year vocational education, which has only been set up for more than twenty years, it is worthwhile exploring the specific causes for being weary of studying. This article is aiming at this phenomenon, searching its causes, analyzing the workable measures, which is divided into five sections with the exception of conclusion:I. Introduction of the background and significance of the topic, the research subject and methods, and the survey of the similar education system abroad.II. Definition of some conceptions: phenomenon of being weary of studying, students under 5-year vocational education system and the phenomenon among this sort of students.III. Statements of the negative influence of the phenomenon with the survey on the present situation in the topic and analysis on the results.IV. Analysis on the causes in accordance with the results, such as that in the society, in the families, in the schools, and so on.V. Presentation of the concerning measures according to the causes and the practice having been put forth in the subject school.VI. Detailed example of the practice in the school——the new style of vocational teaching"Three Characterizing, Five Transforming and Six Combining"and its effects.
Keywords/Search Tags:Being weary of studying, Students under 5-year vocational education system, influential causes, concerning measures
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