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Research On Benefits&Disadvantages Analysis And Guarantee Measures Of Our Two-year Postgraduate System

Posted on:2014-09-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J ZhongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330422451343Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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With the introduction of relevant state policies, some of our colleges anduniversities began to reform the postgraduate educational system, but because ofsome colleges and universities in the reform process encountered some problemsdifficult to solve, some colleges and universities involved in the reform earlychanged the school system back from2years to3years, the move triggered avigorous debate about whether it should be academic reform or not. Therefore, itis necessary for us to discuss in-depth about the reasonableness and necessity ofthe reform of educational system of2years. This paper mainly focuses on theresearch of those problems, in order to provide a useful environment of publicopinion to support the reform of educational system smoothly.This paper mainly adopts the literature analysis, comparative analysis,econometric method and case study method to research on the process of two-yearschooling reform, based on the feasibility analysis it study the benefits of thereform and the problems in the implementation process,and gives the relatedsolutions.This paper first analyzes the problems existing in the system of master of ourcountry at the present stage, and concludes that the present educational system hasnot adapted to the development needs of our society and needs to reform theeducational system of the master graduate students.Secondly it analysis the benefits and the disadvantages about the reform oftwo-year system.Since educational mode of two-year system,it has benefited forindividual students, schools and society, and also brought some problems such asthe decline of quality of education and reducing students’ competitiveness ofemployment. This paper describes these favorable factors from the perspective ofthe costs and benefits in the ways of estimation and then analyzes the benefitsfrom the aspect of individual students, schools and social. At last, it analyzes thedisadvantages of the two-year academic reform and gives some personalcomments.Next,through summarize the conclusions talked above we conclude thatmaster’s two-year educational system is an inevitable trend of China’spostgraduate education system, and then propose some measures to solve theproblems during the reform to ensure that the master’ two-year education systemreform can put into effect. At last, we analyze the case of Harbin Institute of Technology which is thefirst to reform the master’s degree system and has obtained many successfulexperiences. Firstly, we analyze its guarantee measures and then summarized theachievements during the twenty years of the reform.At the innovative point of this article, we summarize the conclusions of themain results of this paper, and put forward some prospects for the future research.
Keywords/Search Tags:two-year-system of master education, educational system, postgraduate education, guarantee measures, Harbin Institute of Technology
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