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Residents In Changsha City Community Governance Participate In The Study

Posted on:2011-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207360305494663Subject:Administrative Management
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The residential participation means residents as the subject of community governance, who participate in community public affairs' decision-making, management and operation of the behavior and processes actively. A wide range of residential participation is a sign of community development and internal motivation, for the construction of socialist democratic politics, promoting socialist spiritual civilization and promote social progress and sustainable development and has a basic role can not be ignored. Community construction in Chinese cities, the residents participate in community affairs or to the mobilization of participation through the dominant, the government wishes to promote significantly higher than the demand from the residents themselves. Survey shows that there are many problems such as lack of residential participation in community construction and community development in Chinese urban community awareness and participation of residents in the level of participation, and these are becoming a bottleneck. Many scholars have made in-depth discussion about the cause of residents' insufficient participation and measures to promote the participation of residents in areas. But most is mainly focused on political participation, Investigation of a specific area about residents to participate in community governance in relatively small study.The article is researching community through the theories of community governance and residential participation, Combining Furong District of Changsha: Renmin Xincun community, the Donghu community, the Xihu community, the Huoxing Ziwei community, and researching the residents of willingness to participate, the level of residential participation and the level of community governance from four different types of public affairs for a full range of inspection, analyse residential participation and community interaction between governance and residents to participate in the main body of the channels involved in residential participation, To further explore the expansion of public participation, strengthening community capacity to function and to improve community governance related countermeasures. Straighten out the relationship among government, community and residents of the community. Training and develop all kinds of community-based organizations, the establishment of separate community-level institutions, to form a complete management system of community self-organization. At the government level, must change its functions, the macro system to provide guarantees of legal protection, the micro instruction and guidance to do the work; at the community level, to standardize procedures for the participation of community residents, to cultivate self-awareness of community residents, the formation of community management of open and transparent atmosphere, and enhance community residents to participate in power management.
Keywords/Search Tags:The urban community, community governance residential participation, good governance
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