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Research On Western Historic Culture Resource Industries And Its Corporations

Posted on:2012-10-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2215330368976028Subject:International Trade
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With the adverting of information age and knowledge society, the cultural industry has become the new growth point and the strategic high ground in economic, its importance is increasingly obvious. But China's been low level of cultural industries, especially in the western region. Although it has vast territory, rich historical and cultural resources, but the industry is still undeveloped, due to the lack of industrialization ideas and policy guidance. In this context, study of historical and cultural resources of the western industry, enhancing the competitiveness of industries in Western culture, are of great significance.In the initial stage of the development of cultural industries, the main form of cultural industries is cultural resources industry. Especially when the ability-applying technology to the cultural development and developing the cultural market is weak, using the current cultural resources has become the most appropriate choice to develop cultural industry. So is the case in western China, which has rich historical and cultural relics to rely on. To explore the value of historical and cultural resources, expand the cultural industry is an important issue.In this paper, theoretical analysis combined with the typical corporate research is used to analyze cultural resources and industries of the western. First, reviewing the recent studies to determine the ideas and methods of this study, the structure of this framework is constructed. Secondly, starting with definition of theories of the concept and meaning of historical and cultural resources, cultural industries and other related, the paper analyses the status of western historical cultural resources and the typical enterprises. Finally, based on the experiences of developed countries, this thesis analyses the internal and external environment of the current western culture industry. To accelerate Western culture industrial development, some effective countermeasures are provided.
Keywords/Search Tags:West, Cultural Industries, Historical and Cultural resources, Policy Recommendations
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