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The Public Image Of The Leader Of The Effectiveness Of Leadership Studies

Posted on:2012-04-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330335490268Subject:Administrative Management
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Leader is the core of an organization. In the social background of media era, the problem about leader's public image has increasingly been interest and importance by the leaders, media, government and the organization. Leader's public image issue has gone beyond the confines of the leader-self which relevant with the administrative efficiency, the general public, also involved the problem with an organization structure and a regime of the political legitimacy.This research mainly probe into the leadership effectiveness of leader's public image. Firstly, the article reviews the literatures about leader's public image and leadership effectiveness, then analysis the research status. According to the further study and the specific needs; the writer chooses management theory and organizational behavior theory as research theoretical support. After that, to qualitative analysis the influencing factors on leader's public image and the leadership effectiveness of leader's public image from social,sexual and emotional aspects, then we design a measurement on leader's public image, using the empirical analysis to test the conclusion that leader's public image can influence leadership effectiveness and taking government's leaders as research subjects by exploratory factor analysis, correlation analysis, regression analysis and one-way ANOVA, the findings exhibit that there is a positive correlation among leader trust,relationship between leader and subordinate,leadership performance,leadership,leader validity and team performance. Furthermore, we can also find out leader's public image exists significant differences on educational background and post-hierarchy.
Keywords/Search Tags:leader's public image, leadership effectiveness, government department, influence, empirical analysis
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