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Study On Performance Evaluation Of Local Government Under The Perspective Of Service-oriented Government

Posted on:2012-08-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330338456315Subject:Administrative Management
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Since 1970's, the west to Taylor's bureaucracy as the main feature of traditional administrative mode was unprecedented challenges, because it could not cope with government failure wait for a phenomenon. Then raised with the new public management movement as the main sign of reform tide. Practically speaking, is actually a government administrative activities in reality a new mode and governmental management, in order to overcome the crisis of government faces, and then improve the government's effectiveness and status in the public mind, protect government, namely, the image of the government to solve a confidence crisis of citizens. In China, since the third plenary session of the surrounding economic construction as the core, the thought, by implementing the reform and open policy, our country's economy has made great progress, obtain the world accepted achievement, the government administrative work has improved a lot. This is the administrative reform with western countries the echo. A service-oriented government construction is a long time in the future and the future of the governmental administrative reform in target and direction A service-oriented government construction is a long time in the future and the future of the governmental administrative reform in target and direction. As the central government and the local governments outside government institutions, its a service-oriented government is an important aspect of the construction. Public service is a considerable portion of the local government, the local government to provide a public service main body, and the main provide the construction of the local service-oriented government is still at the practice exploration stage, no form a unified science systems of theory and practice.And the construction of the performance evaluation system would be one of the important parts. In order to adapt to the inherent requirement of service-type government construction, to the government's public service and social management's two big functions well deelop, government performance evaluation of government work gradually become the center of gravity. It is to measure of government activities scientific tools, the new measure government performance values should "government" citizen standard "transferred to standard" up, local government subject value standard should also by the economic and efficiency to the economy, efficiency unilaterally attention, efficiency, democracy, fairness, justice, order, environment comprehensive coordination development. This paper first introduces the concept, place a service-oriented government on properties, characteristics, and expatiates the current government performance evaluation system construction of the current situation and existing problems, and combining with actual situation, proposed the performance evaluation of government in place in service-oriented government construction union and the role. From the analysis of the construction of local service-oriented government measures, with the government performance evaluation methods to improve local service-oriented government building, puts forward the establishment of service-oriented government properties where a performance evaluation system concept, through the performance appraisal to better to the service-type government services for the construction of local government performance evaluation system, and puts forward several thinking about the construction, such as the corresponding government performance evaluation system arrange, main body structure, content and system standard construct perfect.
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