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Service-oriented Government Under The Constitution Of China's Local Governments Icac Performance Assessment Studies

Posted on:2013-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J MingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330374962165Subject:Administrative Management
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Content:Since the reform and opening up, as the service-oriented government used, how to building a better and faster service-oriented government, improving the management performance, it has become China's government an urgent need to resolve important issues, and honest assessment in the performance evaluation of government,they have ignored a respect in the medium and long term. At present, In our country the performance evaluation of government research is limited to the certain qualitative research, the general to a department of the construction of analysis and evaluate, though this has certain theoretical and practical significance, did not give the government of a viable defense and punish corruption assessment tools and method. Therefore this paper will put forward a new concept the government performance evaluation, and use the quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis, combining theory with practice, make the local government of the construction of a comprehensive evaluation, which leads us to the construction of the government have a scientific, comprehensive, reasonable understanding. This paper mainly provide is the place of government honest evaluation system, this system construction and operation on one hand for local government will provide a corruption prevention tools, advance the prevention and repression corruption, another convenient also can provide a scientific and reasonable evaluation of the construction of government scale, and provides the basis with evaluation standard for government the honest construction.This article mainly from the performance evaluation of this new concept, respectively, of the connotation of service government, government performance evaluation, the connotation of constructing service oriented government performance evaluation under the necessity, of our country clean local government performance evaluation system of local government performance evaluation index and put forward suggestions and so on several aspects to study and discuss the performance evaluation system of government with a series of problems, which are discussed in this paper, the performance evaluation index system construction and design of the core section. In our country the performance evaluation index system in the previous government based on the theory proposed, and based on this concept and design of index system consisting of the performance evaluation index system, it is the construction of further development, as cheap politics construction provides measurable, actionable assessment tool and means,which will be more reasonable and accurate to reflect the government's honest construction effect and efficiency.This paper is mainly through the seven chapters:Chapter One:introduction, mainly elaborated this article selected topic basis and innovation and so on. The second chapter:the related theory, including the connotation of service government, government performance evaluation theory and the construction of a service-oriented government under the government the problem such as the necessity of performance evaluation. The third chapter: the theory at home and abroad are reviewed, respectively, through domestic and international the two part carries on the elaboration, due to government performance evaluation is a new concept, so the former on the evaluation theory research thoroughly, to absorb and learn from the experience of forefathers on the basis of innovation a set to conform to our country government incorrupt government performance evaluation index system. Chapter fourth:Design of local government of our country government performance evaluation index system, this chapter is the core chapters, mainly expounds the performance evaluation system construction principle, indexes and index content the problem such as the establish. Chapter fifth:China's local government performance evaluation of the specific evaluation and empirical analysis, to Shanxi province Yuncheng city as a example, this paper verify the government performance evaluation index system is feasible. Chapter sixth:local government performance evaluation to the suggestions and views, in a chapter of the detection results of further perfecting the evaluation index system, make the system more comprehensive and accurate reflection of the construction of a clean and honest administration degree of local government. The seventh chapter: conclusion of the thesis, a summary.
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