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Improving The Governance Of China's Rural Elite Path Research

Posted on:2012-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330338473994Subject:Administrative Management
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China as a developing country in which a rural population accounts for the vast majority, the construction of rural self-governance has the foundational significance. After the Third Plenary Session with the disintegration of people's commune system and the implementation of household contract responsibility system, rural community gradually replaces the management of people's communes with self-governance, establishes a model of grassroots democracy governance, of which the main feature is Village Election. However, the lack of the support of cultural background such as civic awareness and civic spirit, this democratic politics get into trouble in practice, seriously impacting the effectiveness of the practice of community's self government.When rural governance model run into the bottleneck, rural elite appear as take the advantage of this opportunity, they deeply influence and sway rural community's survival and development, made a significant advance of the exploring the governance model of rural communities.As now the Chinese villages are in a period of transference of economic society, elite governance has a certain objectivity and positive effect. Elite governance not only conduce to the maintenance of the social order, the distribution of resources and the management of the public affairs, but also benefits the penetration of the concepts of democracy, rule of law and modern governance into the rural societies and the realization of legal villagers'self-governance to the maximum. But elite governance also has defects which cannot be overcome byitself. Elite governance is governance which a few people actually wield the power of village management all along, and because of its concentration of power, weak restriction and the rule of man in essence against the spirit of democracy, the rule of law and the modern governance idea. So, realizing the features of elite governance, exploring the rules of elite governance, analyzing the role and limitations of elite governance, finding the way which elite governance can covert to democratization, legalization and organization have a great significance for regulating rural governance and achieving the villager autonomy.The main body of this thesis is divided into four parts. The first part is theoretical introduction of rural governance and elite, and also expounds the theoretical basis of the elite governance, reveals elite governance is a rational choice in Chinese rural at present.The second part points out the problems which existing in the current elites' governance on the basis of the researching about rural governance.The third part through the analysis of of domestic system innovation of rural governance and the basic characteristics of Korea's rural construction to acquire the useful experiences. The fourth part puts forward solutions from three aspects to standardize elites' behavior in rural governance and promote the development of rural democratic autonomy.The aspects separately are government policy's perfection, elites' capacity's hoisting and villager's participation lever's improvement.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural governance, Elite, Democratic, Villager autonomy
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