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Integration Of Urban And Rural Communities Retirement Problem

Posted on:2011-04-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The integration of urban and rural areas is the onlu Chinese great-leap-forward development in China,however,the urban and rural integration's path is not smooth,the development of urban and rural integration in the aging of the population to bring enormous challenges in Chinese societh,With the acceleration of urban and rural integration process,a large number of rural population into urban population and numerous population in a relatively short time into the urban population, especially theis group of are or have to lose labor ability,including the elderly group urban renewal and the rural land renowation and construction process of rural residents lost elderly caused,resulting in hand they have become the "urban residents melt into the city",on the other hand this part farmers also turned into "the city of land-lost farmers non-farm",they lost land old-aged security this "amulet",and most enjou no and urban elderly residents equal endowment ensures treatment,this gives them endowment bring great pressure.Endowment socialization is the inevitable requirement of socialized production,but social institution endowment is the implementation in the integration of urban and rural areas face difficulties.And the community is as old people outside his family life except the second-largest space can become the main base of endowment service socialization.How to develop community based platform,establish and perfect a set of adapt to the characteristics of China's urban and urual integration,lower inwestment demand,low cost,service wide,large gains and charges low,rapid community provide new service method to caonform to the actual conditions of the need to become very important.Based on the previous research results before combed through an empirical research,based on the integration of urban and rural areas in demonstrated the necessity and realizd community provide for aged for solving paths,hoping the Chinese urban and rural integration problens for community provide for aged overall carrying offer effective urban and rural integration theory basis.Based on the integration of urban and rural areas in Du Jiangyan post-disaster reconstruction community,the rural land renovation engineering construction of community, resulting in the village community and landless farmers regulation of low community as rewearch object,the community provide for aged of object of study in this paper to DU Jiangyan key lies in urban and rural integration of community provide discussion and analysis.The author believes that in the new historical conditions,the continuous research,summarize community provide for aged related theory and on this theory basis of Chengdu in urban and rural integration analysis of the core problem,community provide for aged to promote smooth implementation "Chengdu urban and rural synthetically reform testing district" construction and"World Modern Garden City"strategy,and for the western region community provide for aged to offer reference for the smooth development of the theory basis.
Keywords/Search Tags:Community provide for the aged, Urban-rural integration, The goverment's public service, Population aging
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