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Initial Analysis On Original Form Of Historical Materialism

Posted on:2012-11-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330368475128Subject:Marxist philosophy
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Proletarier aller L(a|¨) nder, vereinigt euch!To us,this high‐spirited affirmation of passion seems Remoteness and close. Remoteness is because Communism pursued has already experienced more than a hundred year of exploration and development process. Getting close to us is just because it is around us, in our socialist China.Today, we have to face the strong development of world capitalism as well as the problems and confusions in socialist construction. As a firm believer in Marxism, we must give the positive response to it. Accept the challenges of capitalism to socialism and explore and develop the real road of the socialist are the major theoretical and practical issues before us. Marxist philosophy, as the core of Marxism, is the meta‐theory that we deal with all the problems. The essence of Marxism is open, advancing with the times. But it does not mean we are free to modify their core ideas. Firmly grasping the core idea of Marxism‐ historical materialism‐ is the prerequisite for solving all problems.Currently, however, the academic did not reached consensus for the basic form of Marxist philosophy and its core ideas. As Engels emphasized, we must study first‐hand information on any of the main thought, understanding of Marxist philosophy is no exception. Only by fully understanding including the "German Ideology", "Das Kapital", and other text and notes on the basis of a large number of letters, we could truly understand Marxist philosophy.This article is such an attempt. Based on the understanding of the text, we argue that the core of Marxism is historical materialism! It keeps the openness and practice of the theory through the dynamic interaction between two dimensions, broad and narrow historical materialism. This essay is divided into the following four part: The first section attempts to trace subjective and objective conditions which generated historical materialism; the second part discusses the theory of historical materialism to the initial embryonic development of the historical process; The third part discusses the establishment and deepening of historical materialism; The fourth part trying to present the complete original form of historical materialism.
Keywords/Search Tags:historical materialism, Marx, broad historical materialism, narrow historical materialism
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