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A Study Of Marx's View Of Reality In The Visual Threshold Of Historical Materialism

Posted on:2019-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y R LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330548484927Subject:Marxist theory
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Marx's view of reality is an important part of Marx's philosophy,and historical materialism is an important dimension of Marx's view of reality,wich is an inner consistency of Marx's historical materialism and Marx's philosophy.With the development of modern society,the development of human beings shows a trend of one-sidedness and distortion.To reflect on real society,we need critical philosophy theory as a yardstick of measurement,as well as methodological guidance for the development dilemma of contemporary society from the practical dimension.The analysis of Marx's view of reality with the help of historical materialism is not only conducive to the return of Marx's philosophy,but also to the combination of theory and practice,which provides theoretical support for the ruling and administration of the country since the nineteen Congress of CPCC in the new era.First of all,this paper combs the theoretical basis of Marx's historical materialism.This paper briefly summarizes the relationship between different philosophers in the history of western philosophy,and then introduces the realistic thoughts of Hegel and Feuerbach in the period of German classical philosophy,and focuses on Marx's criticism of Hegel's "spirit is the subject of reality" and his theory of civil society,as well as the transcendence of Feuerbach's perceptual intuition and the nature of the class.Secondly,it traces the logical process of Marx's historical materialism.Based on Marx's classic text as a research clue,this part expiains that thinking of material interests is the starting point of Marx's study of reality,and Marx's reality view has been developed to the final development through the germination,transformation,preliminary formation and development.Then,it analyzes the scientific connotation of Marx's realistic view from the perspective of historical materialism.It is pointed out that the objective nature is the basis of reality development,the realistic human is the essential element of the practice process,the real world is the synthesis of all material relations and the practical activity is the link between the human and the outside world.Then it puts forward that the characteristics of Marx's reality view is embodied in the dialectical unity of inheritance and creation,realistic reflection and human concern,the interpretation of the world and the change of the world.Finally,it focuses on the contemporary value of Marx's historical materialism from the perspective of theoretical research and practical needs.To explore Marx's view of reality not only can tap the theoretical basis of Marx doctrine in theory,but also can encourage people to take the Chinese road unswervingly in practice and work together to build the community of human destiny.
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