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Research On Materialism In Marx's Early Works

Posted on:2020-09-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330596470619Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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The development and formation of materialist ideas in Marx's works are in one continuous line.Unlike the materialism thought in Marx's mature works,which is generally focused on by the academic circles,the study of the materialism thought in Marx's early works is relatively poor.In the study of materialism in Marx's mature period,there are many controversies.In the face of these controversies,this paper believes that the focus should be shifted to the study of materialism in the relatively poor early works of Marx,that is,only starting from the source and exposing the direction and clues of the development of Marxist materialism,can we correctly understand Marx's materialism on the basis of clarifying these disputes.Focusing on this research perspective,this paper is divided into four parts to study the materialist ideas in Marx's early works:The first part,the study and discussion of Marx before "turning to materialism" has the germ of materialism,involving Marx's "Doctoral Dissertation" and "Rheinische Zeitung" period.During this period,Marx was influenced by the religious critique of Epicurus.In the " Doctoral Dissertation ",he expounded certain materialistic ideas,such as the role of the senses in determining the objectivity and authenticity of things,"the freedom in the middle".At the same time,Marx saw the important role of material interests in the national social life,began to shake the belief in Hegel's rationalistic view of the state,and on this basis produced the ideological germination of materialism.The first part,the study and discussion of Marx's understanding of materialism during the period of "turning to materialism",involving the "Kreuznach" period and the "Paris" period.During this period,on the one hand,under the influence of Feuerbach's inversion of existence and thinking methods,Marx completely subverted the rational state view of belief,and put forward the materialist view that civil society determines the state.On the other hand,Marx critically absorbs Feuerbach's view of nature,epistemology,British empiricism in the seventeenth century,and the rational composition of French materialism in the eighteenth century.Materialism is constantly developing and deepening.At the same time,it studies and discusses the shortcomings of Marx's understanding of materialism during the period of "turning to materialism".The first part,the study and discussion of " The German Ideology " and the introduction of historical materialism.In this part,the thesis first clarifies the relationship between practice and materialism,and believes that practice is concrete and historical.The understanding of practice cannot be separated from the foundation of materialism.Secondly,it expounds a series of historical materialism thoughts proposed by Marx and Engels,such as reality.The real starting point of history,the consciousness of life decision,the important role of production mode in the development of social history,etc.,these historical materialism ideas have important significance for understanding Marx's materialistic thought.The first part,the study and discussion of Marx's critique of idealists.The materialist ideas in Marx's early works not only have their own development logic,but also have criticisms of various idealism.For example,the critique of Feuerbach's idealist view of history,the criticism of Stirner's "The Ego and Its Own" and the critique of the " Real Socialism " philosophical foundation.In the process of criticism,on the one hand,Marx completely liquidated all kinds of erroneous idealism,and on the other hand,his materialism was continuously developed and improved.
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