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The Research Of The Villagers' Autonomy In The Participatory Way In Conghua Guangdong

Posted on:2012-12-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H K DengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330368486887Subject:Agricultural extension
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The attention the aim of this paper is to analysis the application of the current Villagers'Autonomy in the participatory way in our county by studying the value of the participatory and the of the Villagers'Autonomy. In this paper, we will research the Villagers'Autonomy in the participatory way in Conghua, Guangdong Province, and then we will discuss some different ways of the Villagers'Autonomy. The operation mechanism of decision implementation supervision which are fully supervised and coordinated development in the Villagers'Committee. The roles of Villagers'Party, Committee, the township government and non-governmental organizations in the Villagers'Autonomy are defined. We will also study how to establish the direction for the Villagers'Autonomy in Conghua, Guangdong Province according the operating mechanism, the serving mechanism and the long-acting mechanism basing on the theory of the participatory of the Villagers'Autonomy.In this paper we will use the document literature, the theory analysis, the comparative analysis, the standard research and the demonstration analysis to study the foundation and the intension of the Participatory democracy, the Participatory development and the Directory democracy, and we will especially analysis the consistent of the Villagers'Autonomy in the participatory way. Furthermore, we will point out the advantages and the disadvantages of the participatory of the Villagers'Autonomy by dissecting the current situation of participatory of the Villagers'Autonomy in Conghua, Guangdong Province. Last, by studying the participatory of the Villagers'Autonomy, we will propose the routing selection, the system construction and the development direction of the Villagers'Autonomy. And we believe this paper could help the villagers to join in Villagers'Autonomy with initiative and attain the goal of directory democracy.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Villagers'Autonomy, Participatory democracy, Coordination of the internal Villagers'Committee, Directory democracy, Guangdong Conghua
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