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Development, Problems And Countermeasures Of China's Villagers' Autonomy

Posted on:2006-09-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360155473011Subject:Administrative Management
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The villagers' autonomy in China is a great creation that the Communist Party of China leads hundreds of millions of villagers to build socialist democratic politics with Chinese characteristics. The villagers' autonomy yields an enormous impact on countryside of China. As its result the villagers in China have changed very greatly in such aspects as life, behavior, relation, concept. The development course of villagers' autonomy has already passed by more than 20 years from the beginning to the present. The study on villagers' autonomy theory and the study on its practice are paid attention to gradually by its academic circles. It has already become a academic research focus now. The scholars use different analysis methods to do some beneficial exploration from various angles. The study has all made many achievements in the theoretical research and the practice research. As a kind of developing new things, the basic theory on villagers' autonomy is still very weak. The research that the theory combines with its practice will still need to strengthen further. Summarizing the experience and lessons of villagers' autonomy and reviewing the achievement and question of villagers' autonomy, have important function in promoting the healthy development of villagers' autonomy. Under the influence of the government, the development of villagers' autonomy passes through five stages which are the embryo, the setting up village committee, the forming villagers' autonomy system, the making villagers' autonomy standardization, and the yielding villagers' autonomy law. It has made some achievements in such aspects as the villagers' democratic election, the democratic decision-making, the democratic management and the democratic supervision. The villagers' autonomy promotes the development of Chinese democracy in grass-roots units. It will have a good tomorrow. But the development in four aspects about villagers' democratic election, democratic decision-making, democratic management, democratic supervision is uneven. The relation of "two committees" in the village, the relation between the villagers' autonomy and local government, the villagers' participation sense and participation enthusiasm, all exist some problems. To understand and review the achievements and the existing problems, to put forward the corresponding countermeasures of promoting villagers' autonomy healthy development, this article studies the basic contents and the development course of the villagers' autonomy with many of the others documents. On the basis of questionnaire investigation and interview and the field investigation, it summarized villagers' autonomy achievements, raised its existing problems and put forward the countermeasures of protecting the healthy development of villagers' autonomy. In order to develop deeply and perfect the villagers' autonomy in China, the article shows: at first, we must perfect the corresponding laws and regulations for standardizing villagers' autonomy; Secondly, we should strengthen the rural construction and perfect the legal environment for normalizing villagers' autonomy; Third, we should strengthen and improve the leadship of the party, play the leading role of the basic unit of the party and realize the coordination relation between "two committees"; Fourth, we should promote villagers' democratic consciousness, keep the villagers' autonomy from bribery , family-power, forces of darkness and make villagers' democratic electoral system more perfect; Fifth, we should continue pushing into the work of making administrative affairs of village public and perfect the corresponding democratic supervisory system;Sixth, we should take necessary measures for preventing the villagers' autonomy from unlawful disturbing caused by the local governments and coordinate the rural relation further; Finally , we should devote major efforts to developing rural culture and education, improve peasants' cultural level and make peasants' political participation sense and ability further improvement.
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