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A Study On The Problem Of Villagers' Autonomy

Posted on:2011-08-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330332459458Subject:Agricultural extension
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The villagers'autonomy is very important to our society. However, our villagers'autonomy isn't perfect. In order to enrich the related research production and perfect villagers'autonomy, the paper will firstly look back the history of villagers'autonomy, secondly reveal the problems, thirdly analyze the causes, and finally put forward advices.The paper used four researching methods. One is document-researching method, which uses the formers'productions and makes the understanding easy. One is history-researching method, which can help us reveal the essence and rules of villagers'autonomy. Another is method of criterion and case. The forth is questionnaire.The paper thinks six problems exist in villagers'autonomy. First, the grass-roots government intervenes villagers'autonomy improperly. Secondly, the party branch and villagers'committee contend for power and profit. Thirdly, the clans control the voting of villagers'committee. Fourthly, the evil forces penetrate the voting. Fifthly, bribery is universe in the voting process. Sixthly, the villagers are indifferent to election.There are some causes for the problems in villagers'autonomy. Pressure-system limits the villagers'autonomy; the combination of party and government results that the villagers'committee is pressed; the revival of clan ideas spoiled the villagers'autonomy; the related laws are imperfect; the supervision fails to be effective.The paper advances four suggestions. First, the villages should open the door to the out. Secondly, we should build service-oriented government and improve the relation between villages and towns. Thirdly, the two committees must have proper power. Finally, we must improve the related law and strengthen the power of supervising and executing.
Keywords/Search Tags:villagers'autonomy, grass-roots government, party branch, villagers'committee
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