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Study On Problems And Solutions Of The Election Of Village Committee Of H Town In Hailin City

Posted on:2019-11-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330566997763Subject:Public administration
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Since the implementation of the election of villagers committee of Heilongjiang Province in 1999,the electoral system of villagers committee has been continuously improved,and the construction of democracy at the grass-roots level in rural areas has been developing healthily and orderly.On the basis of summarizing past experience and lessons,the election of the rural villagers committee in Hailin town has continuously improved and revised the election method suitable for the election of the town itself,and has achieved remarkable results in the actual villagers committee election process.However,because of the limitations of the electoral methods and the influence of the peasants' own factors,there are many problems in the election of villagers' committees.In this paper,H town in Hailin city as the research object,this paper expounds the basic situation of village committee elections,through on-the-spot investigation and analysis points out the existing problems in the process of election,and causes of in-depth analysis of the problems,put forward Hailin city H town village committee election improvement measures.Observation and investigation through the field survey analysis,The main question is: for the villagers enthusiasm is low;the election procedures are not standard;the improper intervention of the township government;it is difficult to curb bribery.The reason for these problems is the lack of democratic consciousness of peasants;peasants' interests consciousness is strong;supervision of election failure during the election of village cadres;organization,publicity is not in place;the pressure type administrative system leads to the improper intervention of the township government;the township government and village committee has long-term interests;the definition of bribery is not clear;the system of village affairs is not standardized and so on.On the basis of the analysis of the reasons,this paper puts forward the countermeasures and measures to improve the election work of the village committee on the basis of the analysis of the actual situation in the H town in Hailin.In the village for the low degree of enthusiasm,through perfect the election law,establish incentive system to improve villagers' election candidates in the election enthusiasm;program execution is not standardized,throughperfecting the internal supervision and improve the quality of work to regulate the election of village committee election procedures;in superior township government's improper intervention,through the adjustment of the township government evaluation the system and the definition of the township government and village committee duties to avoid the improper intervention of the township government;in the bribery,by perfecting the village committee election laws and regulations and improve the transparency of village affairs system for bribery problems curbed.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural elections, villagers' autonomy, democracy and rule of law, grassroots' democracy
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